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Alo Now Accepts Cryptocurrency

That’s so Web3 of you! 

Get your Bitcoin, Ethereum, or crypto of choice ready — Alo is now accepting all cryptocurrencies at checkout on!

Whether you’re a cryptocurrency connoisseur or you’re still trying to figure out what the blockchain is, the world of digital money is approaching quicker than you can say “NFT” (more on that later *wink wink*), and Alo is making it a seamless, secure, and approachable option for all.

Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Web3, the metaverse — these buzzwords have earned attention from the likes of the Biebers and Alo is thrilled to bring you with us as we venture into “the future of money.”

We first dipped our toes into the metaverse with our Alo Sanctuary experience on Roblox — our mindfulness-infused space on the immersive virtual platform. From set-the-trend apparel to a first-of-its-kind digital wellness platform, to 100% clean beauty, Alo aims to curate innovative experiences for our Alo Fam time and time again and our entry into cryptocurrency continues that mission.

While we’ve been sitting on the edge of our seats to announce this exciting venture, we also know that this new technology is one that needs some context, and we’re happy to provide you with just that.

An aerial view of the meditation space in the Alo Sanctuary experience on Roblox featuring natural light, lots of greenery, and a center meditation area.


In short, cryptocurrency is digital money or a virtual asset that allows for secure transactions on the internet. Unlike the US dollar, cryptocurrency does not exist in a physical form, nor does it depend on traditional financial systems (such as banks and governments) to regulate its use.

Much like 30 years ago when online shopping entered the marketplace, causing an uproar of skepticism regarding security and personal privacy, the same skepticism follows this financial innovation. But the nitty gritty intricacies of “mining” and “cryptography” that form the foundation of this decentralized system are the key elements of what keep cryptocurrency safe, fast, and resilient.

Cryptography is the computer science and mathematical arithmetic that upkeeps the blockchain, which is basically cryptocurrency’s equivalent to a bank’s ledger. Through a system called mining, this technology ensures every transaction recorded on the blockchain is secure and protected. “Crypto” translates to “concealed” or “secret” and it is the work of the blockchain and the fundamental upkeep that preserves this protection for the purchaser.

When people reference Web3, they are referring to the new era of web technologies and how people interact with them. While the definition is continuously changing, the prevailing belief is that Web3 will largely be based on blockchain-based technologies such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs that make way for decentralized systems — an arrangement that typically benefits the user by giving them the power to decide how they interact with corporations, not the other way around.

Our goal with accepting cryptocurrency is to provide our Alo Fam with the flexibility and freedom to make purchases in the marketplace as you see fit.

A woman stretching on her black yoga mat using the Alo Moves App while wearing a pair of dark purple high-waisted leggings and a black high-neck workout top.


Which cryptocurrency you choose to invest in is totally up to you, but what we can tell you is that using your crypto of choice on is as easy as pie (which is most likely a nice change of pace after the deep dive above).

Simply add to your sweet Alo yoga pants to cart, proceed to checkout, and you will be prompted with the option to pay using cryptocurrency instead of the traditional online payment routes.

For all those taking the leap with us into Web3, we’re offering a free month membership to Alo Moves with your first crypto payment made with Alo.

Now that you have your basic Cryptocurrency 101 down, it’s time to get shopping! Head on over to our new arrivals page to test it out yourself!