A woman posing with a blue sky in back round wearing a neon violet sports bra paired with a pair of ribbed biker shorts in neon violet topped with a pair of neon green runner’s brief.

Retro Activewear Is Having A Moment

A fresh take on sporty, inspired by years past 

There’s a reason “jazzercize” will always be a top 10 party theme — retro activewear is iconic. The bright colors paired with the 1980s runner’s club vibe makes for a time-honored trend that’s never going out of style.

While we respect the origin story of retro activewear, we weren’t shy to make some 2022 updates that have become the talk of the town as of recent. Both in performance-tech and modernized styles, our retro-inspired collection features Alo’s quintessential blend of studio and street.

From Princess Diana’s biker shorts that have become a symbol in modern day fashion to the embellishments of cutouts and mesh glorified by the fitness craze of the late 20th century, all of these retro styles are making their way back into the scene —and Alo is making sure they’re getting an upgrade.

A woman wearing a neon short sleeve cropped workout top and a matching pair of running briefs with a pair of mesh bikers underneath while holding a workout ball in front of a taupe-colored background.


Runner’s Boyshort Brief + Mesh Bikers + Neon Short Sleeve Crop Top

This outfit has us breaking a sweat and we can’t be sure whether it’s the breathability and 4-way stretch (ideal for cardio intervals), or the bold neon and mesh moment that deserves to be taken out and about. Whatever it is, this is the epitome of retro gone modern. This brand-new curve-flattering boyshort can be worn solo or layered with a statement biker short for a sporty look that kicks butt and takes names in the gym and beyond.

@cydrrose wearing a hot pink high-cut bodysuit with a matching hot pink A-line tennis skirt while posing in front of a blue-colored Dutch door.


A-Line Tennis Skirt + High-Cut Bodysuit

A headliner of the retro activewear phenomenon is without a doubt an ultra-high-cut bodysuit. The issue with this iconic style of years past is the lack of comfort of such a statement . We decided to make some much needed advancements. Made with sculpting and smoothing Airbrush fabric, this bodysuit provides the stretch and comfort needed to get you from morning Pilates to the eggs benedict thereafter. Pair with our best-selling A-line tennis skirt to top off this retro fit and call it a day.

@stormibree wearing a pair of white biker shorts with a teal cropped hoodie posing in front of a brick wall.


High-Waist Biker Shorts + Cropped Hoodie

A good pair of biker shorts is as essential as a go-to bad hair day ball cap (which we recommend pairing together). Our 7” Biker Shorts are made with signature lifting Airbrush fabric making for a flattering fit that stands the test of PR-breaking days and effortlessly cool trips around town (and if you’re more of a 5” biker short kinda-person, we have those as well). Add a touch of modern-day with a cropped hoodie that shows off the princess-approved fit and voila, your new favorite fit has been crowned.

@daneillagrace wearing a black bodysuit with white piping and half-zip front detail along with a pair of white crew socks while posing in her living room taking a mirror selfie.


Retro-Inspired Bodysuit + Crew Socks

Regardless of your education status, ivy league vibes are a fashion statement we could study all day and night, no espresso necessary. This new retro-inspired bodysuit features contrast piping and a front, adjustable zipper that screams 80s music video with an added touch of finesse. Sweat-sesh approved and lounge-worthy, there’s no place this A+ style can’t go. Pair with some crew socks for days spent cozied up, courtside, or catching rays.

@giizeleoliveira wearing a neon purple and green bra with statement cutouts paired with a pair of black leggings featuring front high-waist cutouts while posing against a white wall.


Cut-Out Sports Bra Top + Cut-Out Statement Leggings

These styles just want to have fun — and sleek signature Airlift fabric with peek-a-boo features make it all the better. Retro style is all about the appliques and adornments, the mesh and the cutouts. And why not add some pizzazz if the performance tech gets leveled up as well? This new statement workout set serves up all the energy to get you through a Cyndi Lauper spin class while giving futuristic street vibes rooted in years past--like we said, the more embellishments, the better.

Retro activewear that’s anything but dated? We’ve got you. Check out our newest vibrant color drops and inspired styles and be sure to follow @Alo on IG for the latest details on all things new.