The Best Online Yoga Classes For Busy Days

The Best Online Yoga Classes For Busy Days

5 Alo Moves videos that will fit into your packed schedule

Let's face it—some days we just can't make it to the studio. If we're really on-the-go, we might even rule out the idea of getting in a flow at home. And yet, those are often the days when we need yoga the most! As a friendly reminder that time on the mat, even if it's just 15 minutes, can make a huge difference in your day, we rounded up some of our go-to Alo Moves classes that you can take in under an hour.

Mobility RX with Dylan Werner

Instructor: Dylan Werner

Level: Moderate
Time: 16min 52sec

Get a solid start to your morning with this amazing 15-minute mobility practice. You'll work on opening and loosening up the body and releasing any tension you might be holding onto. Add it to your wake-up routine or play it before a more vigorous video.

Poetry in Motion with Jade Alectra

Instructor: Jade Alectra
Level: Intermediate
Time: 21min 32sec

Craving some serious "me" time? Express yourself on the mat and find freedom in your flow in this creative, rejuvenating vinyasa class for body and mind. You'll feel so good afterward!

Yoga HIIT with Koya Webb
Instructor: Koya Webb
Time: 31min 19sec

Tune into this awesome half-hour HIIT video anytime you want to feel stronger (and have it in your back pocket—literally—to stay fit year-round). It uses yoga-inspired moves to sculpt and tone, and since you're always switching up the circuits, class will be over before you know it.

Full Body Core Flow with Hiro Landazuri
Level: Intermediate
Time: 28min 47sec

Turn up the heat with this power vinyasa flow, designed to strengthen the whole body and increase flexibility and mobility. With a focus on core work, it's the perfect way to gain more energy throughout the day.

Yoga Nidra: Clear Energy with Caley Alyssa
Level: Beginner
Time: 23min 16sec

Wind down from your full day and set yourself up for a great night's sleep with 20 glorious minutes of yoga nidra (aka yogic sleep), guided meditation for ultimate relaxation. You might want to bookmark this one...

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