@kupahjames working out along the black volcanic rock on the Big Island of Hawaii.

5 Ways To DIY Your Own Online Workout Plan

Make the most of your time spent on the mat

It’s time to say goodbye to a blanket approach, to rigid schedules, to missed classes, and to putting off workouts until you have “time to spare” (we both know where that leads) — you're in the driver’s seat now. No one knows your body better than you, so Alo Moves has launched their newest series — Alo in the Wild — featuring quick, stackable workout classes that allow you to customize your perfect workout.

Alo in the Wild provides everything you need to DIY a daily movement system that helps you thrive. This ultra-immersive series invites you to virtually escape to exotic outdoor locations around the world with 5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-minute classes that can be stacked to fit your energy, goals, and schedule — like having a personal trainer design your dream fitness routine within bucket-list-worthy settings (Sign. Us. Up.).

Virtually visit a new location every two weeks for power flows, targeted stretching, and epic, sculpting sequences that allow you to make your workouts experimental, playful, and entirely yours.

Whether you dedicate a full hour to flowing in Hawaii, or you decide to take a 5-minute vacay around the world every hour on the hour, it’s whatever keeps you energized, excited and most importantly, moving. This is the key to incorporating movement into your busy lifestyle and making it sustainable, long-term.

Simply take the fitness goals you’re manifesting, the pockets of unfilled time in your planner, and the energy level you woke up with this morning, and craft a workout-slash-escape that works for you.

@tawnyjanae working out in the Tahoe snow.

To get you familiar with the DIY approach, here’s some of our personal fave, go-to stacks that always seem to serve up the exact workouts we crave throughout the week. Whether you spread each stack throughout the day to make it more accessible or pack the whole thing into your lunch break, you do you!


Add this energizing stack to your morning ritual and we promise you won’t be as dependent on that first cup of coffee. Deep stretches and cleansing breaths energize and focus mind and body for the day ahead. (P.S. We also love this stack for an in-between-meetings refresh.)

1. 5-Minute Child’s Post Chill | Tawny Janae | Tahoe

2. 5-Minute Quick Stretch | Kupah James | Hawaii

3. 15-Minute Sun Salutation | Tawny Janae | Big Sur


Let’s be honest, we love working our peaches. So here’s a booty-focused stack that targets, burns, and builds right where you’re wanting it to. Quick warning: Tawny and Kupah don’t waste any time in getting right into it, so get ready to get burning.

1. 15-Minute Leg Jam | Kupah James | Hawaii

2. 10-Minute Booty Sesh | Tawny Janae | Joshua Tree

3. 10-Minute Inner Thigh Fire | Tawny Janae | Red Rock


When you wake up feeling rested and restored post-Mag Spray spritz, you’re going to need somewhere to expend that extra energy and keep the endorphins flowing. For you, we have our go-to cardio stack — a blood-pumping collection with a full body focus à la Kupah.

1. 10-Minute Kickboxing Sesh | Kupah James | Red Rocks

2. 10-Minute Total Body EMOM | Kupah James | Joshua Tree

3. 20-Minute Legs/Upper Body Cardio | Kupah James | Tahoe


A feel-good flow with a dash of Pilates burn to get the good vibes flowing (and sweat dripping) from head to toe. You’ll feel strong, flexible, and de-stressed when Tawny is done with you.

1. 15-Minute Full Body Energizing Flow | Tawny Janae | Big Sur

2. 20-Minute Pilates Slow Burn | Tawny Janae | Tahoe

3. 5-Minute Core Blast | Tawny Janae | Hawaii


Nothing kicks off the weekend better than a sweat sesh with a roommate, friend, or potential crush (and we highly recommend a post-workout brunch, to boot). Tawny & Kupah team up to deliver a full body stack that proves working out with two is better than one — and it’s definitely becoming our new weekend tradition.

1. 10-Minute Upper Body Tone & Sculpt Together | Tawny Janae & Kupah James | Big Sur

2. 10-Minute Full Body With A Pal | Tawny Janae & Kupah James | Joshua Tree

3. 10-Minute Full Body Friend Workout | Tawny Janae & Kupah James | Red Rocks

@tawnyjanae and @kupahjames performing a buddy workout while in Red Rocks

Try it out and let us know what you think! We’ve found that our days crafting a schedule around a planned workout (and often, being unable to make it) are a thing of the past — Alo in the Wild breathes freedom and fun into online fitness, and we are soaking up every bit of it (while also basking in the Joshua Tree sun and reenergizing along the waves of Big Sur).

Make Alo in the Wild your own and share your favorite stacks with the Alo Fam — tag @Alo in your content so we can workout around the globe right alongside you!