Around the Clock: A Day with Lamise Mansur

Around the Clock: A Day with Lamise Mansur

The yogi, writer and photographer gives us the inside scoop on her day-to day routine

Ever wish you could shadow someone you're life-crushing on for 24 hours? Us too. We're getting an inside look at how yogis, wellness experts and fitness professionals fill their days because sometimes Instagram stalking just doesn't cut it, and, well, we know you're curious too.

Yogi, writer and photographer Lamise Mansur is a full-on creative whose fluidity extends beyond just the mat. From setting aside time to get grounded in nature to swapping her phone for actual face time every night, she knows a thing or two about finding zen. Keep reading for a peek at her daily routine.

First thing:

On days that I’m not teaching yoga, I turn my alarm off and let my internal clock wake me up, usually between 7 and 7:30am. Before I go to sleep each night I put my phone on airplane mode, so I take that off and look for any missed texts. My husband and I like to send each other videos when we’re apart (they’re like little bursts of love!), so I start my morning by watching one that he’s sent me on his way to work. After that, it’s time for morning business; I brush my teeth and wash my face with cold water. I’m a pretty simple girl and don’t use any products besides deodorant that I make myself, mascara on special occasions and whatever oil blend I have at the time to take it off or use if my face is feeling dry.

I check my emails while I drink about a liter of water to get my digestive system going before I eat anything. If I’m feeling hungry after, I might have a date, an apple or something small with my lemon-matcha tea. Otherwise, I drink my tea, then get right into some kind of exercise. I feel more positive and productive for the day when I exercise first thing in the morning, and the more I put it off, the less likely it will happen. To keep it fun I alternate between yoga and weight/resistance training at the gym about 3-5 times a week, leaving the other days for rest, long walks or stretching.

Late morning/early afternoon:

After some morning movement my body is feeling warm and open, so I use that opportunity to put on a cute Alo outfit, set up my camera and snap some photos for Instagram. By the time I’m done shooting, my stomach is asking me for something delicious! I whip up a big protein smoothie bowl, eggs and toast, or nut butter and banana oatmeal for breakfast. After eating I post on Instagram and take the time to read and respond back to my followers during that first half hour. Then I take a break from my phone.

I’m a big foodie and believer that health starts with what we put in our bodies, so I like to cook most of our meals. I use the afternoon to prepare a homemade dinner, which is usually a big salad with some kind of cooked Middle Eastern dish. If I feel like changing it up, I’ll put together something fun, like Indian, Mexican, Italian or a stir fry; variety is key!


After finishing up with the cooking, cleaning and house chores, I kick my feet up and enjoy a little down time for an hour or so with Netflix or a book and munch on some leftovers from the week. I love being outside in nature—it’s like medicine for the soul and when much of my inspiration for #LettersByLamise comes to me. After my work is done for the day, I make an effort to find quiet moments of contemplation in my backyard or take a stroll around the neighborhood lake. I keep my phone handy to jot down whatever comes to mind on my notes, that you’ll later read on IG!


Hubby arrives home from work shortly after, and we put our phones aside in a little box for the rest of the night. It’s very important to get in quality “us time” without that distraction, so we can truly enjoy the rest of the evening together. We eat dinner, clean up and make his breakfast and lunch (aka leftover dinner) for the next day. Then it’s time for a hot shower and chill. We either catch up on our days on the couch or wind down with some TV. We try not to stay up too late, so we call it a night around 10 or 10:30pm to soak up a full night's rest before we do it all over again the next day!