Behind the Collection: Summer 2019

Behind the Collection: Summer 2019

All the deets on your brand-new wardrobe

From covetable neon bras and biker shorts to perfectly washed soft sweatshirts, our new summer collection is full of statement moments and good feels. We asked our head designers Mystika Jones and Sapna Von Sick give us the full run-down on the line, including where they looked to for inspo, how they're wearing this season's most-wanted biker shorts and what pieces they're taking from practice to pavement.

Tell us about the inspiration behind Alo’s new summer collection!

Mystika Jones: The collection is really micro-focused on nature's elements. So, instead of just being inspired by the beauty of the forest, we looked at what the forest floor looks like—what's happening with the leaves, mushrooms, moss and trees. Then we went beyond that and looked at it from a cellular level, putting the natural elements under the microscope. This gave us so much content for fabrications, seamless knits and design lines.

Mist Jacket, Sunny Strappy Bra, High-Waist Moto Legging

As the weather heats up, what styles should people be reaching for to stay cool and comfortable?

Sapna Von Sick: The High-Waist Prism Legging has mesh ventilation down the side that's both visually appealing and breathable, and the Glance Bra is soft and comfortable with strategic mesh placement to help keep you cool.

MJ: When it's super hot, our consumer is confident enough to wear just their bra and leggings or shorts. The High-Waist Biker Short is great for coverage, but the fit is also so flattering. Great for outdoor activities and hot studio classes, this style fits like our Airbrush Legging but hits at a shorter length. The washed versions are excellent for hot weather because they're sueded or cotton, so you get the option of wearing a bottom that wicks sweat.

Lush Bra, High-Waist Prism Legging

Biker shorts are a huge trend this season. What are your favorite ways to wear them?

SV: Paired with an oversized layer like our Soho Pullover or worn as a matching set with our Double Take Pullover.

MJ: For summer it's so nice to wear them with an oversized tee. It has the ease and comfort summer requires. Many people are styling their biker shorts with cropped bra tops and blazers, and even heels and blouses. It seems to be the most versatile athletic inspiration for fashion this season. It's making a recurrence this year and seems to have longevity.

Washed Double Take Pullover, High-Waist Washed Biker Short (coming soon)

Tell us about all the amazing new washed styles! How did you get the wash just right?

MJ: Our washes are so beautiful. It actually took us a long time to develop this unique look. We went through many wash trials with various fabrics to make this collection special and wearable. The feel is truly amazing and the look is very pretty.

What are your go-to color combinations this season?

MJ: I love the subdued look of the washed pieces with a bright. Ultraviolet is such a beautiful new neon and pairs with Lead Wash in a unique way.

SV: All of the summer colors are gorgeous, but Highlighter paired with Lead Wash is my absolute favorite!

Washed Double Take Pullover, High-Waist Biker Short, Getaway Hoodie, Daze Short (coming soon)

If someone wants to take their look from the studio to the street, what are the key pieces for a seamless transition?

SV: Our High-Waist Biker Short is both functional and edgy, making it perfect for in and out of the studio. The Velocity Bra, with its flattering silhouette and custom chest band, provides the coverage you want during practice and the graphic elements that are street-relevant.

MJ: Our coverups are the best transitional pieces. Styles like the Washed Edge Hoodie and the Trail Jacket are easy to dress up or down and have this amazing cotton feel that you long for in hotter months.

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