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Celebrate Earth Month With Alo — IRL & URL Activations All Month Long

In honor of the air, land & ocean we call home 

With a brand name that stands for air, land, ocean, you better believe that Alo is ready to celebrate Earth Month 2022 in epic ways all 30 days.

To help us cultivate unique experiences that tap into the various elements of Mother Earth, we’re partnering with organizations and inspired souls from across the world to bring our global community out-of-the-ordinary ways to get involved, both IRL and URL.

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For instance, the team at Surf Without Borders — a nonprofit that began in Cape Town, South Africa to offer sustainable surf therapy programs for the local communities — is helping us host a yoga and beach cleanup session on April 22nd.

Or the Outdoorsy Gals team — a brand comprised of passionate women on a mission to connect like-minded humans who love the outdoors and traveling — with whom we’re partnering for multiple events throughout the month along the California Coast in celebration of Earth’s most beautiful offerings.

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While we gear up to celebrate the air, land, and ocean we get to call home, we think it’s important to spend time understanding the meaning behind these Earth-inspired holidays. What began as Earth Day in 1970 as a defining moment in which the world recognized the modern environmental movement, Earth Month quickly followed behind as the importance of environmental consciousness grew.

Prior to 1970, most people weren’t privy to air and water pollution, climate change, and in turn, declining human health. In a time of desperate need to catalyze change and inform the general population, schools became the opportune place to begin.

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During this inaugural year, a collection of politicians in partnership with young activists organized campus teach-ins and demonstrations that gathered people for the first time in the name of Earth. Coined “Earth Day,” national media attention followed as various groups of people who fought individually against oil spills, polluting factories, and extinction of wildlife joined up to collectively voice opposition to the whole lot of it.

This grassroots movement quickly gave life to a variety of environmental protection agencies that seek to educate the public and enact targeted legislation. From 20 million Americans on Earth Day 1970 to 200 million globally from 141 countries in 1990 to 1 billion people globally in most recent years, witnessing the growth of this movement is inspiring to say the least.

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Because the air we breathe provides us with peace, the land upon which we practice grounds us, and the ocean sustains and renews time after time, Alo is determined to contribute to this ever-growing movement.

We feel honored that our global community allows us the opportunity to connect and act in the name of Mother Earth, and we look forward to partnering with you as we do just that. Join us throughout April as we learn, move, and appreciate the environments around us.