A bottle of Shine Conditioner and Shine Shampoo displayed on a tan-colored stone.

Clean, Salon-Performance Haircare Makes A Splash

Lather, rinse, good-hair-day on repeat

You know when you get your hair done — highlights, balayage, a trim, whatever suits your fancy — and you avoid washing your hair at all costs for the next week because the products from the salon make your hair look, smell, and feel like a million bucks?

Alo’s new Shine Shampoo and Conditioner accomplish just that. Minus the toxic ingredients.

They’re as indulgent as a salon blowout, as clean as the Alo Glow System, and as groundbreaking as the haircare chemists who concocted it.

We challenged the best of the best scientists in the world to redesign the leading formulas of shampoos and conditioners on the market without all of the bad stuff. And they did it.

And we can’t wait to tell you about it.

A photo of the back of a woman washing her hair using Alo’s new shampoo.


You may be wondering why clean haircare matters. And we don’t blame you. While we may justify purchasing clean beauty & skincare, is it really necessary to do the same for our hair?

Here’s the three main reasons we made the hard and time-consuming decision to ensure our shampoo & conditioner were kept clean...

#1 – While additives such as sulfates create the classic foaming sensation and parabens preserve shelf-life, these chemicals can ultimately create the appearance of thin, damaged hair in the long run. That was a no for us.

#2 – What you use in your hair inadvertently makes contact with your scalp and the rest of your body whilst you get squeaky clean (or apparently not so clean) in the shower. What you put on your body can be just as disruptive to your heath as what you put in it. Why include potentially harmful chemicals, when our chemists have ensured there’s no need?

#3 – To us, "clean" also means kindfor you and for our animal friends. Both in procurement and processing, our formulas are made clean in California with a firm commitment to vegan, cruelty-free practices. Animals don't need to be involved for the benefit of our hair, and it just so turns out that excluding them from the process results in happier, healthier, better-for-you products.

Removing a litany of the iffy ingredients found on the backside of most haircare products lining the foyer of your fave salons may make you feel a little doubtful that the effectiveness you love about those same products transfer into a line of clean haircare. This is where we prove your doubts wrong.

One woman holding a bottle of Shine Shampoo and another woman holding a bottle of Shine Conditioner with only their forearms showing against a light tan backdrop.


If you’ve experimented with the upper echelon of shampoos and conditioners, you know that the hype is real. The science behind the suds packs a punch through means of bounce, softness, and moisture you (and others) notice.

While we refused to budge on anything less than “clean,” we also refused to budge on anything less than salon-luxe status. And to be honest, we think that the combo of the two is a synergistic match made in haircare heaven.

Contrary to popular clean haircare stigmas, the Shine Shampoo provides a luxurious lather (that cleanses without stripping or leaving buildup) while the Shine Conditioner feels indulgent (leaving hair light, shiny, and smooth). Lather, rinse, good-hair-day on repeat.

By now you know our mighty little friend, the amla berry. And you better believe its shine-boosting superantioxidants were called upon for this line. Moisturizing botanicals also earned their keep by providing a bounce and volume that is characteristic of post-salon feels.

We think it’s important for you to know what’s in your personal care products, what benefit they serve, and what “salon-luxe” really means. We're breaking down all of the science and lingo below so you can transform your in-shower experience into a salon-reminiscent celebration.

A photo of the back of a woman conditioning her hair using Alo’s new conditioner.


Bouncy – Each strand of hair is composed of molecular bonds that fall victim to heated styling tools, color treatments, environmental factors, and daily brushing and agitation. The best-in-class formulas of the Shine Shampoo & Conditioner work to restore the bouncy, healthy-looking hair that the aforementioned antagonists depleted.

Shine – So we’ve seen the TikTokers with the gorgeously lustrous hair that we swear we can see our reflection in, but how do we adopt the same for the hairs on our own pretty little heads? The shine of your hair translates to the quality of moisturizers present in your products. For our Shine Shampoo and Conditioner, we went with naturally sourced aloe, avocado, marula, and coconut oil that provide moisture without weighing hair down.

Smoothing – Frizz, split ends, hay-stack-like feel — we all have our hair kryptonite. But the hack is rich antioxidants that work from the inside out. Rather than masking the issues, a clean elixir of powerful, vitamin-rich botanicals work to restore luscious-looking hair.

Cleansing – This may sound self-explanatory but it’s important to note that we put special care into this portion of deliverables as we often find our hair sweat-distressed and in need of extra TLC. The Shine Shampoo and Conditioner expertly manage to lift sweat, leftover styling products, and daily pollens/dust/dirt without damaging the hair, the follicles, or your scalp. Not all cleansers are created equal, and we made sure to be a few steps above the rest.

Color-Safe – Without all of the man-made chemicals (of which more get added to the “banned” list by the EU and FDA every year), this clean shampoo and conditioner pair lacks anything that would counteract or interfere with the intended color of your hair. In fact, a few washes and conditions later and you’ll feel like someone turned the vibrancy edit way up but #nofilter.

While our shampoo and conditioner belong up there with the buzzy haircare elite, we’re doing things a little differently by providing all the same techy benefits and all the while staying clean — a big thank you to our haircare chemists who made this heavenly haircare matchup possible.

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