Fabrics 101: Micro Waffle — The Wear-Everywhere Texture

Fabrics 101: Micro Waffle — The Wear-Everywhere Texture

Classic waffle knit with a smidge of sculpt

Why we love waffle? Well, it’s perfect for long hours spent jet-setting across the world. It’s effortless for when miss or mister rights pops by for the first time. And it’s the Sunday brunch selection we love to top with seasonal fruits and dairy-free whipped topping.

While we’ll forever love the classic breakfast go-to, the fabric version has recently stepped it up a notch.

“How,” you ask? Well, gone are the days where waffle knits were only worn as loungewear. Alo engineered a thermal knit that’s ultra-soft, lightweight yet warming, and textured but smoothing — and not only are stylists like Elizabeth Sulcer loving it, but the endorphin-obsessed also can’t get enough.

Whether you choose to cozy up or get your sweat on, micro waffle is giving that versatile edge we love to have in our closets. This multi-faceted little fabric is so adaptable that we had to design styles for work (from home), play, and practice, so without further ado, let’s break down what makes this brekkie-inspired fabric the winner that it is.

@ashley_moore_ wearing the Micro Waffle Sierra Short Sleeve Top and Micro Waffle Pleasant Boy Short in Athletic Grey Heather with the Micro Waffle Headband while sitting on a red chair in her living room.



Ultra-Soft Knit – like a dream, but better, our micro waffle takes softness to the next level

Comfy and Cool – perfect for lounging around town or feeling your best at home (which is why we recommend getting double)


Lightweight but Warming - this thermal knit cozies up and keeps warm but breathes when you find yourself on your mat

Stretch It Out – your yoga practice, good morning stretches, and meditation ritual will thank you


On-Trend Waffle-Knit Texture - after seeing all the celebs in chic thermal knit looks, we had to follow suit

Touch of Sculpt - just enough to flatter and smooth but keep comfy throughout a day on the town or a day spent hanging at home

@gabriella.dondero wearing the Micro Waffle Pleasant Bra and the High-Waist Micro Waffle Lowkey Legging in Athletic Heather Grey while doing a forearm headstand.



The light, textured fabric of micro waffle is perfect for yummy morning stretches and weekend yoga classes. It keeps cool, chill, and soft which is everything we’re trying to embody during a gentle flow.


We’ve been told micro waffle completely replaces all go-to vegging-out fits, and after you get a taste of the waffle, you’ll understand why. Some of our fave comments? “I traveled in them for hours and they never stretched out,” or “These are my go-tos for that time of the month.”


With our luxe thermal knit and epic styles, micro waffle is no longer only meant to hide underneath your ski and snowboard gear. Let it shine during rainy day trips to the museum, coffee shop works days, and bundled up walks around town.

@christinanadin wearing the Micro Waffle Pleasant Boy Short and Micro Waffle Pleasant Bra in Ivory while sitting next to her bed and a potted fiddle leaf tree.


High-Waist Micro Waffle Lowkey Legging – the essential thermal legging (FYI: most people buy one in every color because they're that good)

Micro Waffle Sierra Short Sleeve Top – cropped, breathable, and performance engineered so it complements wherever your day leads

Micro Waffle Relaxation Pullover – the studio to street staple that makes those sweat-drenched post-hot-yoga walks to the car much less chilly

@kimberleygarner wearing the Micro Waffle Pleasant Cropped Henley with the Micro Waffle High Waist Pleasant Wide Leg Pant and the Foxy Sherpa all in Ivory while posing in front of a statue.


Micro Waffle Pleasant Bra + Micro Waffle Pleasant Boyshort – the lounge set that you want to be wearing when the cute neighbor needs to borrow an egg for a recipe

Micro Waffle Pleasant Cropped Henley + Micro Waffle High-Waist Pleasant Wide Leg Pant – add a Foxy Sherpa for the ultimate street look we’re wearing all fall and winter long

Micro Waffle Comfort Bra Tank + Micro Waffle Fireside Pant – remember the jet-setting comment in the intro? Yea, this is it.

@daniellagrace wearing the High-Waist Micro Waffle Lowkey Leggings and Micro Waffle Comfort Bra Tank in Athletic Grey Heather with a black beanie, black Women’s Scrunch Socks and white sneakers while posing in front of a concrete wall.

If you haven’t already deduced that micro waffle is for so much more than fall and winter warmth, here’s us telling you exactly that. It’s a year-round staple for soft movement, big street moments, and minimal movement at home.

Visit the full blog for a rundown on all of our epic signature fabrics and be sure to tag @Alo in all of your waffle-inspired looks.