A man washing his body using the Alo Glow System.

For Father’s Day (Or Any Day) Upgrade His Beauty Products With Glow System

The best ways to upgrade your man's beauty products with gifts for Father's Day

On a scale from 1 to Judge Judy, how critical do you get about your man's personal care products? We've been one to leave a date's apartment after peeking inside the shower, so we get it. But men's grooming is a booming industry, projected to grow to 27.5 billion dollars in the United States by 2025. Even if many of their bathrooms still look like a scene from Hoarders, things are changing! We love progress, no matter how slow. But real talk, what is going through a man's head when shopping for personal care products? We asked a few, and this is what we found out.



Men love a multi-use product, but can we all agree that 2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner should be illegal? Instead, get him our Shine Shampoo & Conditioner Set. It's lightweight, great for all hair types, and smells delish. I'm sure some would argue if it works and makes you smell nice, it's a win, win. But here's the thing, if that fragrance or any other ingredient is toxic, we all lose. Some studies even correlate ingredients found in conventional grooming products with lowering sperm count. Yikes, major lose but these are repercussions we are facing in the beauty industry today, and its up to us to make better choices. Luckily, the entire Glow System uses clean, light, totally unisex natural fragrances in every product. A perfect Father’s Day gift idea or just because he’s still using Irish Spring, we’ve got some easy way to upgrade his regimen. For after the gym or shower, we love the Magnesium Reset Spray. Naturally fragranced with mandarin orange, rice milk & calming essential botanical oils, it smells amazing and is slightly different depending on who is wearing it. Plus, it has relaxing valerian, soothing arnica, and magnesium, which are great for a quick reset post-workout.


HEARD. Honestly, none of us like a cream that leaves something behind. Both our Restorative Hand Cream and Luminizing Face Moisturizer are incredibly hydrating and absorb into the skin super quickly. They have aloe and amla antioxidants and ingredients like squalene that pull and hold moisture into the skin, and softening shea butter. Put some of this stuff in his gym bag, and we promise he (his cuticles and emerging crow's feet) will love it. And while you're at it,leave a soothing Lasting Lip Balm in there too. You're welcome.

@ALO_WELLNESS Hands lotion


Ok, rude, but understandable. Some guys still care about that stuff but instead of making products that look like they lift heavy and call themselves an "alpha," Alo Glow System is sleek, sophisticated, and gender-neutral in recyclable packaging you'll be proud to have on your bathroom counter. No toxic masculinity or toxicity in the earth. For instance, our Enzyme Facial Cleanser with pineapple enzymes brightens and sweeps away dirt, sweat and oil without stripping skin's moisture, so it's cool to use it multiple times a day. Follow it with our Radiance Serum with powerful fermented ingredients, potent botanicals & hyaluronic acid. Both come in frosted glass bottles that just feel fancy without being feminine or masculine. You can also get ‘em all together with the moisturizer with the Glow Getter Set!

@alo_wellness Glow Getter Set


Who cares? Help a guy out and upgrade his personal care products for Father's Day or just because using toxic products isn't worth the risk for a good fragrance. And if they’re already dialed into the clean skincare game, Glo System Products integrate seamlessly into their existing routine. Start shopping!