Get Rooted in Yoga with Our Top 5 Videos for Beginners

Get Rooted in Yoga with Our Top 5 Videos for Beginners

Learn the basics in your own space & on your own time

From fast-paced flows to foreign postures, yoga can be super-intimidating as a beginner—you (and your body) are essentially learning a new language! To help you learn the basic postures, open the body up, strengthen flexibility and hone in on mindfulness, we're giving you some tools to help guide your yoga—five essential video series and classes geared toward yogis just getting started in their practice, fresh off our new yoga app, Alo Moves. Sign up here and get two weeks free (or make an Alo purchase and get 30 days free!), then find a class and get moving!

Morning Yoga for Beginners with Patrick Beach
Single Class (25mins)
What You'll Need: Strap

Whether you're just getting into yoga or looking for a more restorative class to wake up the body and mind, this practice with Patrick Beach will be your new go-to. Start off with energizing stretches and move into a gentle flow that will ease you into the day (or relax you after a long one) and set the foundations for building a yoga practice.

Backbend Foundations with MacKenzie Miller
Type: Series (6 videos)
What You'll Need: Straps, Bolster, Blocks, Blanket

Backbends are an essential part of any yoga practice—yes, they set the foundation for more advanced postures, but they also activate the nervous system to relieve anxiety and improve spinal strength and flexibility. In this series, MacKenzie Miller breaks down the alignment for six fundamental postures: locust, cobra, upward facing dog, bridge, camel and bow. Heart-opening, here we come.

Yin for the Hips with Josh Kramer
Single Class (60mins)
What You'll Need: Blanket, Strap, Bolster, Block

Feeling a little tight in the hips? This class is for you. Yin for the Hips targets the ligaments with deep stretches that will help increase your range of motion. You'll spend 3-5 minutes in each stretch, which will really help open up the hips and also prep you for the hip-openers in your next yoga practice.

Desk Therapy with Dylan Werner
Type: Series (5 videos)
What You'll Need: Blocks, Strap (both optional)

Sitting for long periods of time does a number on our muscles and tendons—we become sore, tight and tense, sometimes without even realizing it. This series will help counteract this, with five 30-45 minute videos that focus on neuro-flossing (stretching that helps with mobility and reduces nerve pain) and other awesome relief techniques. Ideal for anyone who sits at a desk all day or simply wants to feel more free in their body.

From Fear to Love Meditations with Aubry Marie
Type: Series (7 videos)
What You'll Need: An Open Mind!

This 7-part series is perfect for anyone who wants to practice or improve at meditation, strengthen their yoga practice or invite more love into their life—or all of the above! Aubry Marie guides you through 21 days of meditations for letting go of fear and connecting deeper with oneself. And you don't have to worry about squeezing them into your schedule—every class is under 15 minutes!

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