@delilahbelle wearing a pair of Pinstripe Leggings and matching pinstripe bra with a black oversized blazer on top.

Can You Wear Leggings To Work?

The short answer — yes.  

If you’ve found yourself in the crowd of people wondering if leggings can be business casual, we’re so happy to tell you that the answer is YES.

Not only can you wear leggings to work, but we’re rounding up all of our favorite styles that prove you can dress leggings up all five days of the week, all the while staying miles more comfortable than you’re used to.

Heading back into the office post-quarantine has us feeling some type of way about our old office clothes. The trousers don’t stretch, the dresses get old, and the slacks will never compare to our WFH outfits we’ve lived in the past year plus.

This is where our “studio to street” mantra really kicks in — performance-engineered pieces that work hard for you during practice, at play, and throughout your professional life. Now if you're not yet convinced that your go-to pair of Pilates yoga pants can also handle the heat within the office, keep on reading.

@ninoskavasqueza wearing the Black Devotion Crew Neck Pullover with a pair of Black Airbrush High Waist Flutter Legging paired with a designer handbag, bucket hat, and long black leather trench while posing in front of buildings in Europe.


If you had to purchase one essential office-ready yoga pant, we suggest something flared. Why? They’re incredibly easy to dress up, they get along well with other pieces in your wardrobe, and they can’t be beat in terms of comfort. The Airbrush High Waist Flutter Legging is begging to be paired with a heel and a blazer for an elevated work look that the 9-to-5 workday and team happy hour love.

@delilahbelle wearing the Aces Tennis Skirt in Black with a white collared shirt and oversized cardigan on top.


Dressing up your yoga pants for the office is as easy as adding some key accessories. Start with a classic pair of Airbrush leggings, add a shacket, linen collared shirt, or oversized sweater of choice, then top with chunky sunglasses, statement jewelry, and your favorite handbag. The slicked back bun, reminiscent of some of our fave super models, completes the look that is 100% work-ready and office-appropriate.

Kyla Sorad wearing a pair of Ivory Bootcut Leggings with a matching Delight Bralette and a pale green oversized blazer on top.


The lovely collection of blazers you have decorating your closet? It’s time to put them to use in new ways. Throw one on over jeans, over slacks, and now, over leggings. Our favorite way to channel boss babe energy is to pair a neutral-colored blazer with a statement legging — most recently, the new Pinstripe Flare that’s modern, classic, and confidence-boosting for your biggest meetings and most important presentations.

@debiflue wearing a pair of Ivory High Waist Airbrush leggings with Scrunch Socks, chunky white sneakers, a chunky tan sweater, and a long tan trench coat while sitting on a stone step enjoying a coffee.


While we’ll always love a good blazer, switching things up in the colder months by adding a trench coat, is all you need to sneak in some of your favorite leggings. They give extra coverage, extra warmth, and extra style. Between the Sherpa Trench and the Faux Fur Trench, you can’t go wrong. P.S. These jackets are both oversized so size down if you want something more fitted!

@amynevfashiondiaries wearing a pair of Espresso High Waist Zip It Flare Leggings paired with an Espresso Aspire Tank, Espresso Hype Full Zip Hoodie, tall brown heeled boots, a designer handbag, and chunky sunglasses.


The beauty of a good boot is that is pairs well with leggings of all shapes & sizes. Whether you slip into an over-the-knee heeled boot, a pair of snakeskin booties, or stunning suede knee-highs, your staple leggings will be there to pull the rest of the weight. Alosoft for days you need extra comfort at your desk, Airlift for when you want a stylistic touch of sheen, and Airbrush for every day in between.

Consider all of your business casual legging outfits done. Not only will they elevate your professionalism through your most stressful client pitches, but they’ll also look fabulous during the following after-hours celebrations. Check out the bottoms we’re transforming into work-ready wear and be sure to tag @Alo in all of your 9-to-5 wardrobe moments.