A photo of a man and a woman doing yoga in an open living room using the Alo Moves platform.

Coming Soon: Alo’s International Yoga Day 2022 Celebration

A summer solstice-inspired lineup of mindful movement

As if we needed more reason to love on our go-to form of mindful movement, International Yoga Day 2022 is upon us!

Celebrated annually on June 21st, this holiday intentionally aligns with the summer solstice (and if you're familiar with “the longest day of the year” but are a bit unsure as to how it translates into your life or into yoga, allow us).

For thousands of years, humans have honored the annual cycles of the sun and the resulting flows of energy by mirroring the natural phenomena within our own lives — time to spur into action, time to make space, and time to learn.

The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky. While the spring equinox represents new beginnings and the commencement of a journey, the summer solstice represents a season of nourishment, gratitude, and peace — and what better way to honor this than with feel good flows and a global community.

International Yoga Day was accepted by the United Nations in 2014 to honor the ancient physical, mental, and spiritual practice of yoga that originated in India. Observed on the summer solstice, International Yoga Day is infused with the natural shifts in energy toward light and awakening along with ample sunshine for practicing all the live-long day.

This year, Alo is bringing you a lineup up of in-person and virtual happenings so we can live out the unifying mission of yoga together through all corners of the world.

@asanavanessa wearing a Haute Mesh Summer Long Sleeve in White with a matching pair of Mesh High Waist Haute Summer Capris while posing against a white wall in a single forearm stand.


We’ve teamed up with an inspiring group of fellow yogis to bring you livestreamed classes throughout the holiday. Join us at 9am PST and 12pm PST on June 21st on the @AloYoga Instagram for two classes streamed from Alo HQ, and then follow that up with a class that journeys through the 8 limbs of yoga on Zoom at 5pm PST.

9am PST | Vinyasa Flow with Alicia “Ace” Easter | Tune in on @AloYoga

12pm PST | Yin & Sound Bath with Nicole Rutsch & Rebekah Grace Rivera | Tune in on @AloYoga

5pm PST | Mindful Masters: Free Yoga Philosophy in Action & Flow with Marie Grujicic | Sign Up Here

@phyllicia.bonanno and @whatgibbs stretching together in a studio in the city while both wearing Airbrush Electric Off The Shoulder Bras in Black and Black Alo Leggings.


Unable to attend one of the classes above? Do not fret! Alo Moves is dropping an exclusive collection of yoga-centric classes in partnership with your favorite teachers in honor of International Yoga Day.

From sun-inspired salutations to grounding energy flows to total body meditations, these new classes range in length, style, and level so come one, come all! Sign up for a free 14-day trial to access these on-demand classes and get ready to flow with us at any time of day on June 21st.

@darja_smirnova and @easylifeyoga practicing yoga near a pool surrounded by large palms.


If you haven’t yet had the chance to join us in one of our Sanctuaries for a class, now is the time! For International Yoga Day, we are offering one free class per person at the following studios listed below so sign up now, reserve your spot, and celebrate the holiday with Alo in-person!

Los Angeles | The Grove + Pacific Palisades

New York | Williamsburg + Flatiron

Book your free class here!

@yogibeachhouse wearing a Delight Bralette with a Cloud Nine Jacket and Cloud Nine Pant in white while in Anjali Mudra pose in front of a cream-colored wall.


While those on the mat adjacent to us during Saturday morning’s sculpt class seemed to comprise the capacity of community, social media has taught us just how powerful and widespread community can be.

For International Yoga Day, we’re launching three social campaigns that harness this energy in a tangible way. Kicked off yesterday, our #AloBoutYogaDay challenge invites you to celebrate and cherish the myriad of different adaptations of yoga. This serves as a special moment to connect around what yoga means to each of us individually so we can learn and grow in our own practice.

Our #AloSolstices challenge allows our community at large to connect to self-love and self-empowerment through reflection and grounding as we enter this season of growth and expansion. June 21st will mark the beginning of our #AloUnites campaign in which we invite you to add to your yoga pose rolodex. Post a photo in Anjali Mudra pose, tag @AloYoga, and hashtag #AloUnites to join the global celebration and for a chance to be featured on our channel!

Join us on the @AloYoga IG as we gear up for the holiday with potential giveaways (wink, wink), practice-changing gear, and yoga inspiration all 365 days of the year!