A woman wearing a pair of Rust Airbrush Low Rise Leggings with a White Ribbed Manifest Long Sleeve Top while posing against a rust-colored wall.

Low-Rise Is Back & Better Than You Remember It

Flattering low-rise (you read that right)

Y2K is back and these low-rise leggings will be the reason you join the movement.

Before we scare you off, just take a peek at our velour styles that completely reinvented the 00s look — we're working toward the same goal here: flattering, quality, and forward-fashion.

Now that we’ve earned some of your trust, we’re going to gain the rest of it. Think about it: we’ve been high-waisted feens for quite some time now. Jeans, leggings, shorts, skirts, skorts. Just about everything is high-waisted. But why?

Before this era, that was a confident human population rocking low-rise bottoms and making iconic style moments that we still talk about to this day. What if we told you that we were preserving the iconic, sprinkling in some modern flare, and designing a brand-new silhouette we’ve fallen head over heels for...

Enter center stage: the Airbrush Low-Rise Bootcut Legging.

Tasteful. Flattering. Versatile.

@aminahtaha wearing a pair of Rust Airbrush Low Rise Leggings with a matching Ribbed Manifest Long Sleeve Top while stretching on her couch.

This new style gives the throwback vibe in an entirely forward-looking way that we’re in awe of.

Made with our signature Airbrush fabric, these leggings sculpt and smooth for a flawless fit and feel. Add a slight flare at the bottom (matching our fan-fave bootcut fit) and it’s giving tailored, modern, and endlessly comfortable.

We know you’re getting there, but if you’re not quite sold you on the low-rise situation, let us continue.

While the silhouette is top-notch, so is the performance.

With a 4-way stretch that moves with you — whether you’re moving to the farmer's market, to brunch with friends, or to the local hot yoga studio for a first-class-is-free pass — they ensure comfortability at each turn.

They’re also moisture-wicking — which is technology we just know did not exist when these low-risers first came around — fending off odors and sweat that none of us are safe from.

@yogibeachhouse wearing a pair of Rust Airbrush Low Rise Leggings with a Black Ribbed Cropped Savvy Short Sleeve while in Triangle Post on her Warrior Mat.

Like the popstars and celebs that fearlessly defined the pre-turn of the century style, it’s time for you to do the same.

This year is about showing up and showing off. Whatever you’ve got, it’s time to throw on some low-rise bottoms, decorate with a crop top, slip into your favorite sneakers, and walk out the door looking and feeling like the 90s pop star (but make it 2020 star) you are.

Just to be sure you get the above vote of confidence, we’ve wear-tested these leggings in all modes and modalities and all shapes and sizes to ensure the perfect fit. The goal with each design is for you to feel like an emboldened version of yourself, and these low rises are no exception.

And let’s just say for the heck of it that the High Waist Bootcut is the one for you, no problem. Easy and free domestic returns with a prepaid label always and forever.

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