Max and Liz's New Yoga Markets Series Celebrates Mindful Eating & Movement

Max and Liz's New Yoga Markets Series Celebrates Mindful Eating & Movement

Sunday morning yoga & yummy local vegan food at the Dallas Farmers Market? Yes, please.

We're constantly inspired by Max and Liz, inspiring acro partners and all-around power couple, so when we heard they started a community yoga event series at their local farmers market in Dallas, Texas, we were so stoked. The Yoga Markets combines their love of yoga and fresh, organic food and encourages people to eat consciously while supporting local vendors—a win-win! Max and Liz gave us the full scoop on the series, below.

Can you give us a little background on The Yoga Markets? Where did the idea for it come from?

It’s a monthly yoga and brunch event. We really wanted to create a conscious community in Dallas (we love our city!), and a place where people can hang out after yoga, connect with themselves and each other and eat vegan food. There are so many yoga studios here but not many events that unite all the studios, teachers and students. The Dallas Farmers Market is the perfect venue, with fresh and local products, an amazing energy and very high traffic. We want as many people as possible to see the benefits of yoga!

What can someone expect from attending a Yoga Markets class?

It’s an hour-long all levels vinyasa flow with plenty of community building yoga poses, like everyone helping each other do navasana crunches or stabilizing each other while balancing, and a short meditation at the end. Each class is taught by one of Dallas's most inspiring yoga instructors (we have six rotating instructors this year to bring some amazing energy), and each ticket includes an $11.11 voucher for food at a local food vendor, free coconut water and other goodies. This coming month we have Vegan Vibrationz with an incredible spread of raw, vegan sandwiches!

Why is the concept of combining yoga with buying and eating healthy, locally-grown food important to you?

We are both yoga instructors and dietitians, and we see the powerful impact yoga and food have on our own lives, so we wanted to combine the two—we believe they go hand in hand! We bring together the the highest vibrational food, teachers and team members to make sure you leave feeling refreshed and ready for the week. We are passionate about conscious consumption both in mind and body. Food is another way of healing and nourishing, and eating local brings us closer to the source. A Yoga Markets event sets the tone for the rest of the month and encourages healthy choices and more awareness down the road.

What do you hope people take away from a Yoga Markets experience?

We’re all about connection and community at The Yoga Markets. We hope that people leave with a shift, however big or small. This event is about uniting the community and creating a safe place for people to experience maybe their first yoga class, vegan food or just overall high vibes! Some people show up after a long night out, so it is also very detoxifying.

Are there any awesome moments that stand out or something you’ve learned from hosting these inspiring events that you’d like to share?

What always stands out to us is how refreshed people feel afterward. We'd also like to mention the ground team—these are amazing people that give their heart, soul and energy to make everyone feel welcomed. We couldn’t do it without them! We created The Yoga Markets with our business partner Scoop Slyman and our team who helps us run the events: Arik Cardenas (photographer), Mark Lin, Lillian Lin, Jacob Kühler, Michael Cruz, Nick Totin and Alec Crow. ? Although it takes a lot of time and effort, it’s worth it to create, support and be in this community of people lifting each other’s vibrations!

You can catch the next Yoga Markets event with @deandreyoga this Sunday, Oct. 14 at the Dallas Famers Market. Snag a ticket here!