Two women in a forearm headstand in front of the Alo letters by the pool at Alo House.

Celebrate National Yoga Month With Alo

Calendars at the ready 

If you joined us for Alo's International Yoga Day celebration, you already know we had to go even bigger for National Yoga Month 2021 — and yes, believe it or not, it does get bigger.

This month, we’re chalking all 30 days of September full with opportunities to move mindfully, get connected within the community, and deepen your practice (whether you’re just learning Ujjayii Breath or have already mastered Dylan Werner’s “Daily 10s,” (and if so, we applaud you).

At Alo, our mission is to bring wellness to the world. Why? Because the transformative power of mindful movement has beckoned peace, positivity, and community into our lives, and we want to inspire the same in yours.

When people think “yoga” they typically think “Downward Dog”. While we love our first heart-opening Downward Dog of the day, our goal for September is to unearth the rich history, the ancient philosophy, and the beautiful culture that gave life to the practice we live out everyday.

While we’re at it, we’re also finding new ways to broaden our knowledge of what is possible on our mat — pro tip: the Alo Moves Blog is posting daily this month on all things mindful movement including “8 Yoga Poses You Can Do At Your Desk”, “How To Practice The Five Yamas”, and something we could all use a little help on, “How To Sit During Meditation”.

A group of yogis laying is Savasana during an Alo Moves flow at New York Fashion Week wearing Soft Seagrass on the rooftop of the Alo Flat Iron Sanctuary.

Each week, we’re embarking on a new look into yoga and we invite you to join us for the ride. Week 1 kicks off with “The Origins of Yoga” where we deep dive into the foundations and philosophy of the pratice. Week 2 continues with “Mindful Movement and Mental Wellness”, exploring the mind-body connection and tools to sustain mental wellness. Week 3 invites you to “Find What Moves You”, where we’ll walk through each style of yoga to find the style that speaks to you and how you can seamlessly fit that practice into your life. Week 4 wraps up with a call to “Deepen Your Practice” in which we’ll unlock tools to help you accomplish your goals and enrich your connection to your practice.

Every theme brings new live classes, inspiring retreats (both online and in-person), Mindful Masters workshops, Club Alo events, and wellness seminars for a 360-yoga experience that’s made for everyone.

Like we said, our mission is to bring yoga to the world, so we’re offering 30 days FREE on Alo Moves (for a limited time!) to ensure the epic moments we’ve put together are accessible to you, your friends, your family, your neighbors, and anyone in between.

While we know you can’t take the entire month off (like we’d all like to), we highly recommend grabbing your planner, heading over to Alo’s National Yoga Month schedule, and celebrating with us all month long!