@tawnyjanae wearing the Slit Bra and Match Point Tennis Skirt in Raspberry Sorbet while posing with a against an apricot colored wall.

Here’s The Scoop: Raspberry Sorbet Color Just Dropped

And you'll definitely want a taste

Whoever said colder weather restricted your wardrobe to blacks, grays, and other colors that you’d find in rain clouds must not have met our newest color drop...

It’s time to awaken your fall and winter looks — and what’s on the menu this year to do just that? Raspberry Sorbet.

Let’s be real: no matter the season, we’re always looking for an on-trend pink — one that ups the ante at play, at rest, and at practice. Let’s just say, if our PSL had arms, it’d be pointing directly at this yummy new color drop that we’re loving for all of our autumn-inspired activities.

Raspberry Sorbet serves up a dash of sweetness that refreshes our fall uniform – whether we’re throwing on the Match Point Tennis Skirt and the Gather Long Sleeve for a brisk morning walk and round of tennis or cozying up in the Ribbed Cropped Whisper Bra Tank and High-Waist Ribbed Whisper Pant.

Here’s the scoop, Raspberry Sorbet is melting hearts during your annual visit to the pumpkin patch, during a Thursday afternoon power flow, and during rainy days in. So with that being said, we had to serve up way more than just one scoop of our fave new offering with best-selling sets, HIIT faves, and statement pieces.

To help us show off some of these new looks, we’ve brought in a few friends to help, so chill out, keep it scrolling, and get a taste of Raspberry Sorbet...

@breekleintop wearing the 7/8 High-Waist Airlift Legging and Slit Bra both in Raspberry Sorbet while hanging out on the grass in a lush green backyard.

Slit Bra + 7/8 High-Waist Airlift Legging = the ultimate practice set for keeping your summer sweat continuing through the chill

@ daianesodre wearing the Vapor Splendor Gingham Bra and Vapor High-Waist Gingham Short in Raspberry Sorbet while posing on a rooftop amongst decorative shrubbery.

Vapor Splendor Gingham Bra + Vapor Gingham Short = buttery performance knit with playful gingham for the perfect transitional fit (you’ll catch us wearing year-round)

@sarasampaio wearing the Seamless High-Waist Ribbed Biker Short with the Seamless Ribbed Bra in Raspberry Sorbet while posing at her house.

Seamless Ribbed Bra + Seamless High-Waist Ribbed Biker Short = Raspberry Sorbet with a touch of versatile, contouring, and round-the-clock comfy Seamless fabric

@fiona.bl wearing the Muse Hoodie and Muse Sweatpant which chunky black boots during a rainy morning walk.

Muse Hoodie + Muse Sweatpant = the ribbed lounge set you’ve always wanted with a dash of color to spice things up a bit

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