Simone de la Rue's Helping Women Discover Their Own Strength

Simone de la Rue's Helping Women Discover Their Own Strength

Her Body By Simone method makes fitness fun & helps people build confidence in & out of the studio

Simone de la Rue's killing it. Her dance-inspired fitness method Body by Simone, BBS for short, has garnered a major cult following of strong, empowered women from New York to L.A., and her classes typically fill up super-fast. Her secret? Creating a workout that doesn't feel like work, a community where women lift each other up, and a space where they can learn to feel more confident in their own skin. Simone gave us the full run-down on BBS, how movement can be a catalyst for personal growth, and her tips for leading a healthy life.

How would you describe Body by Simone to someone who’s never taken a class from you before?

Body By Simone classes are high-impact, dance-based cardio classes that help you burn up to 800 calories with 45 minutes of dance. The classes vary to focus on toning specific muscle groups, such as HTB (hips, buns, thighs) and ABC (arms, back, core) and the time flies by. You use your entire body. It helps with coordination, and it helps burn calories post-workout as well—using low weights and resistance with high repetition to create long, lean muscle.

Interlace Legging

Why did you start Body by Simone?

I wanted to make exercise fun. I don’t love cardio, and the thought of spending 45 minutes running or cycling was torture to me. I wanted to bring the joys and benefits of dance to as many people as possible.

You’ve been dancing since you were three! What did you learn from your long career as a dancer that you’ve applied to BBS?

Dance teaches you discipline and dedication and gives you the drive to always improve and be your best, which is then reflected in everything you do.

"Self-love and acceptance is the key. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. We are all on a path of self-discovery."

You’ve said that you want women who take a BBS class to leave feeling more empowered and in love with themselves. How have you seen that take effect?

I always say that when you come to the studio, you leave your ego at the door. The classes are a safe space where women can feel inspired and motivated to become the best version of themselves. There is no judgement, just positive energy and a loving environment, which allows clients to move and connect with their bodies in a carefree way. I see it in the way veteran clients will help the newbies set up, and when clients leave class uplifted and overjoyed. I love to see the physical, emotional and spiritual change that comes from working out; the inner and outer strength that is gained. To me, that is the greatest gift.

What role does yoga play in your life?

I use yoga as a way to stretch and take care of myself through all my working out. It also stills my mind and soul.

Half Moon Bra, Airbrush Short, Goddess Leg Warmers

Top tips for leading a healthy life?

Self-love and acceptance is the key. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. We are all on a path of self-discovery. Find your passion in life and follow it.

Personal fitness philosophy?

Find a workout you love—one that keeps you positive and inspired.

What are you currently manifesting in your life?

The opening of my London studio in early 2019, a beautiful pregnancy experience, more pregnancy workouts and exciting new brand partnerships for the new year.

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