Take Your Inversions to New Heights: 5 Video Series for Advanced Yogis

Take Your Inversions to New Heights: 5 Video Series for Advanced Yogis

Master arm balances, headstands, handstands and more with Alo Moves classes tailored to your practice!

Remember that first time you mastered a major inversion? Completely exhilarating! Going upside down is one of the best perks of advancing in your practice, and it's the reason we're rounding up our top 5 Alo Moves video series for strong yogis. Learn from some of the best teachers in the world on your own time, and watch your practice transform. Don't have an Alo Moves account yet? Get two weeks free right here or make an Alo purchase and get 30 days free! It's like having private sessions in the comfort of your own home—om-azing.

Next Level Inversions with Patrick Beach
Type: Series (20 videos)
What You'll Need: Blocks

This 30-day video series will give you more confidence in playing around upside down! Patrick dedicates each class to a specific inversion, guiding you through different ways to enter and exit the pose and new pose variations to try and closing out the plan with a powerful flow to put it all into practice. Through working different inversions, you'll strengthen your core and shoulders and improve your overall stability. A must-watch for all advanced yogis!

The Power of Yoga with Carson Calhoun
Type: Series (5 videos)
What You'll Need: Just Your Mat!

Carson, the handstandup comedian of yoga, combines the focus and discipline of Ashtanga with the strength and fast pace of Rocket in this rewarding 5-video series. He intermixes flows with challenging inversions, keeping his classes lighthearted and super-rewarding. Plus, each class is under an hour, so you can get in a practice no problem!

Flystrong with Dylan Werner
Type: Bundle (3 series)
What You'll Need: Wall, Blocks (optional)

Want to take your practice to new levels? This 3-part series is the ultimate program for mastering inversions and arm balances. You'll learn how to achieve a strong, steady handstand, incorporate inversions into your flows, achieve smooth transitions, learn new advanced poses and get pointers for what to work on after each class (because inversions take practice!). With three months worth of amazing instructions and exercises, this bundle will propel your practice like never before.

Love & All Is Coming with Talia Sutra
Type: Series (24 videos)
What You'll Need: Just Your Mat!

Practicing more heart openers on the mat is a surefire way to invite more love into your life (not to mention back strength and flexibility!), and taking Talia's signature Love & All Is Coming classes is the perfect way to do so. For a month you'll alternate between hour-long flows rooted in vinyasa and hatha and shorter meditations designed to inspire compassion. Open your heart and see your body and mind transform!

Flying Vinyasa with Dylan Werner
Type: Single Class (60mins)
What You'll Need: Just Your Mat!

Fly high and flow freely in this super-fun yoga class that incorporates a ton of great arm balances and inversions, from forearm stands to headstands to handstands (talk about a 60 minutes well spent!). Not sure you're there yet? Don't worry, Dylan offers modifications along the way, so you can still join in.