Vegan Strong with Koya Webb

Vegan Strong with Koya Webb

Tricks To Make It Work While Living A Full Life

We asked superyogi Koya Webb a few questions on how she maintains a healthy vegan diet while living a full life. Here's an inside look on how she makes it work.

Take it one week at a time.

Investing some time on one of your free days saves a ton of work the rest of the week. Prep once, clean up once, fewer dishes, less time in the kitchen, dinners can be ready in minutes. Add a couple of snack options in there and you will have tons of healthy things to choose from during the day. Investing a little time will give you more time to “Namaste All Day.” ;)

Learn how to eat anywhere.

"From my experience, it’s gotten pretty easy to find options anywhere,” says Koya. “It hasn’t always been, but I can usually go anywhere and know I’m able to make a smart organic, vegan choice.” I know that I can either make a modification at a restaurant or find a local grocery store to supplement if I'm traveling somewhere that doesn't have as many options. Koya mentioned she likes to choose organic whenever she can, but when that's absolutely impossible, she said one of the best things to know about is something called the Dirty Dozen. It's a list of twelve food items to avoid if they're not organic, as they tend to have the most contaminates. This list includes: peaches, apples, strawberries and lettuce. It does say that, in a worse case scenario, you have to go conventional, you would be better off eating avocadoes, mangos, bananas and broccoli.

Use an app.

There are a ton of apps that make being vegan on the go mega easy. Koya's go-to is the Happy Cow app, which shows you all the local vegan restaurants in your area. "It is rare that I go anywhere and not have an option," she says. "But in those times that I don’t have a good choice, it’s important to know how to eat anywhere and trust that diet truly gives you endless options and no excuse to get off course."

Eat light while traveling.

On Koya’s Get Loved Up blog, she recently wrote about how being vegan can help you outsmart jet lag. “Eating a high-carb or fatty diet can disrupt your sleep patterns, which is why it’s better to keep it light. Having healthy and simple meals like salads, fruits, nuts, etc. won’t give your body so much digestive work to do, and you will sleep much better.”

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