Alo University: 4 Back-To-School Looks

Alo University: 4 Back-To-School Looks

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Summer glow? Check.
Summer internship wrapped? Check.
Mixers, formals, and weekenders penciled into your cal? Check.
Syllabi printed and ready to go? Check.

The only thing left to cross off your to-do list before your first day of classes? Planning out a Monday through Sunday schedule of outfits that are perfectly casual yet on-trend yet ready-to-breeze-by-a-cutie-on-the-quad.

Because we know you’re preoccupied with strategically staggering your classes to get Fridays off, we’ll handle this part.

The criteria: comfy enough to last through a 3-hour night class, cute enough to catch eyes from the hottie in your study group, and on-trend enough to wear out to dinner with new friends.

With the help of a few Alo students (we’re giving them an A+ for hese looks), we’re giving you Alo’s college 101: styling inspo for during class and after the bell rings + words of wisdom from the upperclassman + tips & tricks on weaving mindfulness and wellness into busy routines.

Class is officially in session!

Sarah Panson wearing the Slit Bra and Match Point Tennis Skirt both in Raspberry Sorbet while posing in a doorway.

STUDENT: Yuna Lee // @yuna.lee


MAJOR: Psychobiology

FIT: Wellness Bra + Off-Duty Cap

HOW DO YOU MAINTAIN A SELF-CARE PRACTICE? “The key to really take care of your mind and body is time management. Planning out everything you have to do every single day ensures that I have time to work out, study, and hang out with friends. UCLA is definitely the encapsulation of work hard, play hard and balance between the two is very important. Other than that, embrace every opportunity that comes your way! Your college experience is in your own hands — make the best of it!”

Sarah Panson wearing the Slit Bra and Match Point Tennis Skirt both in Raspberry Sorbet while posing in a doorway.

STUDENT: Sarah Panson // @sarahpanson

SCHOOL: Boise State University

MAJOR: Business

FIT: Slit Bra + Match Point Tennis Skirt

ANY WORDS OF WISDOM FOR INCOMING FRESHMAN? “Say yes to any opportunity that presents itself and don’t be afraid of taking risks because more regrets arise from staying in your comfort zone. :)"

Zairyn Hemsley wearing Accolade Sweatpants and a Ribbed Vibe Tank both in Black while posing in front of a brick wall.

STUDENT: Zairyn Hemsley // @zairyn_h

SCHOOL: Southern Methodist University

MAJOR: Biology

FIT: Accolade Sweatpants + Ribbed Vibe Tank

WHAT DO YOU WISH YOU’D BEEN TOLD BEFORE GOING TO COLLEGE? “Some important tips I wish I had known before I came to college is taking the time to plan out your day. Doing this will make your day way less chaotic. After putting in your class schedule and study time you can see how much time left you have to do something for yourself. Whether that’s going to the gym, meditating, or even taking a nap."

Julianna Tornetta wearing Airbrush High-Waist Flutter Legging with a Real Bra Tank both in black posing on a building rooftop during sunset.

STUDENT: Julianna Tornetta // @juliannatornetta

SCHOOL: Princeton University, Bachelor’s + University of Maryland, Master’s

MAJOR: History, Undergrad + Business, Master’s

FIT: Airbrush High-Waist Flutter Legging + Real Bra Tank

HOW DO YOU HANDLE THE STRESS OF COLLEGE? “College is stressful. Regardless of what year you are, what major you are, what extracurriculars you're involved in, etc., the to-do lists quickly lengthen and the feeling of stress or being overwhelmed can settle in. That being said, my advice for anyone experiencing anything remotely close to what I just mentioned needs to remember this: help yourself first. Just like they say on airplanes when explaining the oxygen-mask protocols, you have to help yourself first before assisting others. When the assignments, lectures, meetings, and whatever else it may be begin to pile up and you feel like you can't get it all done or know where to start, take care of yourself first and THEN start chipping away at the to-do list. Take a deep breath, workout your mind, body and emotions to make yourself feel at ease, and then get to work. You can do it, but take care of your mental and physical well-being first!"

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