Yoga for Kids: a Super-Fun Flow with Alissa Kepas

Yoga for Kids: a Super-Fun Flow with Alissa Kepas

Move through cat and cow with animal sounds, jump around in frog & fly like an airplane with your little one!

Attention parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, teachers, babysitters, anyone with a kid in their life: we've got the perfect yoga video for your little one (or little ones)! Yogi and schoolteacher Alissa Kepas created a special 15-minute class just for kids, introducing them to the practice with some fun animal and nature poses and exercises, and adding in some interactive sound effects for good measure. Not only does it feel exactly like playtime, it's also the perfect opportunity for the young ones to get a taste of yoga's many amazing benefits, like greater physical and mental strength, relaxation and mindfulness. They'll feel like yoga warriors in no time!

Alissa's top tips for getting kids excited about yoga

I never force a kid to practice, but if they want to, they are welcome to join at anytime. Most importantly, make it fun! As adults we can make everything so serious—even yoga—so approach it lightheartedly, like a game. Also, consider the age and attention span of the child. That can really affect the approach I use and how often I switch to a new pose or activity.

On teaching movement and mindfulness to her kids

I teach yoga and mindfulness in the classroom, and half the time the students don’t even know because it’s simply part of what I do. I notice that students are calmer, more relaxed and able to really excel in class when we take time out of the school day to breathe, stretch and be mindful.