@phyllicia.bonanno wearing orange biker shorts and matching sports bra tank during her yoga practice within her beautifully plant-adorned living room.

7 Tips To Creating Your Dream Home Studio

A blissful space no matter the size or shape

Between your WFH setup, the leftover glasses in the sink from last night’s wine Wednesday, and your dog’s un-stuffed penguin fluff decorating the living room, it's difficult to find a sliver of zen in your home.

While you’re trying to squeeze in that new Alo in the Wild, Tulum stack, the ping of an email entering your inbox hijacks your mind and takes it far from the four edges of your mat—and the must-clean-now instinct kicks in, increasing the probability that it will not return.

The key to getting inspired, staying focused, and reaping all the beautiful benefits of mindful movement? Creating your dream home studio.

Newsflash, this doesn’t involve going full HGTV on your home. It only takes a few touches to turn your home studio from blah to bliss, and we’ve compiled a list of easy-to-implement tricks to do just that.

Creating a space that inspires you looks a lot different from the space your neighbor designs, so have fun, experiment, and work with what you’ve got!

@healingmotions sitting within his T.V. room filled with beautiful plants of all shapes and sizes.


Studies show that adding plants into your home may help to make you feel more comfortable, soothed, and in touch with nature — a little touch of spice (A.K.A. Mother Nature). Much like the practice of grounding, getting in touch with the natural world helps to boost mood and focus. Simply pot a few plants, water them once a week, and keep them near your place of practice for some air-purifying, calming zen for your home studio.


Mala beads and crystals are like superfoods for your practice. These pieces not only invigorate, heal, and elicit specific energies based upon their properties, but they also serve as beautiful décor for your home studio. Drape your mala beads over decorative vases and wear as jewelry during your meditations. Place crystals around your mat during your practice to enhance your movement and keep good energy flowing.

@eleonorazampatti wearing light purple leggings and matching sports bra while stretching with her two cats in her living room equipped with a crystal collection wall.


Certain meditations ring a bell every few minutes to bring your mind deeper into the present moment — have fun with this and experiment with different sounds to find the sound that elongates your breath and your focus. Whether it’s a wind chime in the corner of your space, soft melodies coming from the aux, or a healing sound bath series, see how different sounds impact your senses and your practice.


Aromatherapy has been used for centuries as a way to promote physical and psychological well-being — with diffusers becoming the new “it”-gifting item, it’s looking like the benefits are no joke. Incorporating different essential oils into your routine adds interest and intrigue into your practice while also providing a little spa-like experience in the comfort of your home. Test out new oils to see which scents stimulate different responses.


Alo was created with the mission of designing yoga apparel that inspired more people to get onto their mat, and when we launched gear, there was no exception. The Ultimate Home Studio Set is designed to spark joy, inspire movement, and change lives — and as a bunch of yogis, we know the key quality elements that do just that. With an array of mattes, tie-dyes, and neutrals, find the shade that blisses out your space and gets you pumped to move. Not to mention, once your stunning gear convinces you it’s time to move, the non-slip, 100% non-toxic, ultra-luxe cushion and ultra-roomy mat keeps you there longer than you’d bet on.

@nwoy wearing a black barre bodysuit from Alo while using the blank wall in her home studio as a support for her handstand practice.


Just like the “night-mode” setting on your phone helps your brain chill-out before hitting the hay, you need lighting that preps your mind for practice as well. Grab some candles, switch out a bright white light bulb for something colorful and calming, or test out one of those new sunset lights — have some fun with your lighting and let your mind know that it’s time to focus on this specific moment. Or, if natural light is what sparks your inner fire, position your setup near your biggest window for some sunshiney rays while you move.


Creating your space isn’t about ordering a laundry list of new items—if you want to, be our guest, but it’s important to note that creating a blissful state can be accomplished with any budget. Some of the most minimalist spaces offer the most zen, so keep a free wall in your studio for stretching, tilting upside down, and for blank, thoughtful space. Add some of your favorite pillows to the area for a restorative, comfortable area that is entirely yours.

The difference between calling it good with a few minutes left in your ab circuit and adding another 5-minute burner on? A space that inspires, motivates, and energizes. Try implementing one, three, or all seven into your home studio space and find what works for you!

Show us the unique pieces and props you’re adding to your space by tagging @Alo in your posts so the Alo Fam can add it to our moodboards! Happy practicing!