Get in Touch with Your Inner Goddess

Get in Touch with Your Inner Goddess

Yogi Phyllicia Bonanno explains how

Chalk it up to mercury in retrograde or an especially jam-packed month, but sometimes we all need a spiritual boost. This means reconnecting with your inner goddess and finding a bit more balance, so you can carry on being your awesome, confident self. Naturally, we asked yogi Phyllicia Bonanno, whose Instagram handle is literally @yogi_goddess, about her go-to tips for tapping into that feel-good femme energy.

"In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our inner goddess can go unnoticed, but we need to nurture her so that she can grow, shine bright and guide us as our true self."

Practice power posing

Not only do these postures feel good, but they also allow you to get in touch with your feminine self. These postures offer an equal balance of strength and softness.

Goddess squat (fun fact: the Sanskrit word for goddess pose, Utkata Konasana, translates to "powerful pose" or "fierce pose." Get your goddess on in the morning to raise your vibration for the day!)
Mermaid pose
Reclined bound angle
Dancer pose
Eagle pose
Wild thing

Affirm and repeat

I love having daily or weekly affirmations to help build up my goddess from within. Sometimes we are afraid of allowing our true self to shine. In doing this we create a shield—our inner voice is not heard and our light is dimmed. Repeating affirmations will help you embrace your truth and release the godddess you are holding back.

Decide on an affirmation and repeat it to yourself...

- in the morning before you start your day
- at times of need or stress
- when you are happy and things are looking prosperous
- to set the tone of a meditation
- at night before you go to bed

"Allow time for self-care! How can we care for others and share our positive energy if we are drained with nothing to give? Taking time for ourselves is of the utmost importance."

Start with one of these or create your own and believe it: I am ________!

I am love
I am enough
I am growing daily
I have something special to offer the universe
I am happy
I am grateful
I am strong

When stating the affirmations, don't just say them to say them. Back up the statements with truth. Look in the mirror and repeat them to yourself, looking yourself in the eyes. The most important part is to balance your use of affirmation so that you are telling yourself these things when you are sad as well as when you are happy.

Compliment other goddesses

If you see another goddess shining in her beautiful light, radiating in a way that is almost blinding, tell her. Let her know that you are grateful for her sharing her light and living in her truth. Also, be specific on exactly what you see—she will feel amazing from the energy exchange, and, most likely what you see in her is a reflection of what you see in yourself. We are all connected.

Illustrations by Phyllicia Bonanno.