Help Us Bring Yoga & Mindfulness to 2-Million Schoolkids!

Help Us Bring Yoga & Mindfulness to 2-Million Schoolkids!

A portion of proceeds from our sale supports this exciting Alo Gives initiative

Our foundation Alo Gives has a big goal. We are bringing movement and mindfulness to 2-million schoolkids. Because we asked ourselves a big question that we feel compelled to answer: What would happen if we were able to take the tools we learned through the practice of yoga — meditation and movement, being able to quiet and focus our minds, mute negativity and amplify the positive — and teach them to kids. What yoga has given us has changed our lives. It has helped and healed in a profound enough way that it has altered our trajectories. And we’ve heard thousands of inspiring testimonials from friends of Alo who speak to how the practice of yoga has changed their lives too. These stories reach us daily.

Suddenly it was so clear.

If we could get yoga to children, a lot of children, when and where they’re already learning, much earlier in their lives than when we found yoga, we could do something really powerful for them and for the world. Yoga could change the trajectory of their lives. With the tools we learned as adults, these kids, who have more pressure and distraction from digital sources, social media and an increasingly chaotic world, and who have higher rates of depression, mood disorders and adolescent substance abuse than ever before, could experience quieter minds, better coping skills, and more positivity and belief in their ability. Kids could be happier, healthier beings who can focus better and learn with more ease, calm and confidence. And teachers could spend less time disciplining and more time teaching.

And then we took the idea one step further… here’s our really big idea, are you ready to hear it? You know how schools have soccer fields, basketball courts and other spaces dedicated to conventional team sports? We want there to be space for yoga in every school, even if it’s just standing next to a desk, seated on a rug or in a chair. We believe that yoga and meditation are so powerful and therapeutic that they need to be a part of the future of physical education and social-and-emotional learning curriculum in schools… for elementary all the way through high school.

So our goal is to get 2-million kids on this curriculum in 2019. We are starting with 3rd-5th graders. And we want to reach and teach 10-million kids in the next 5 years.

Because as soon as we asked ourselves what would happen if we actually committed to doing this big thing, our next question was this… What would happen if we didn’t?

A portion of all proceeds from our sale supports our goal of bringing yoga and mindfulness to 2-million schoolkids! Want to shop & give? Click here.