A woman practicing yoga on a white yoga mat while at Alo Summer House 2022.

How To Choose The Right Sports Bra For You

A sports bra guide for every activity

Finding the perfect sports bra is as satisfying (and as difficult) as locating the perfect fit for the glass slipper.

While the clock nears midnight, sports bra-wearers everywhere are purchasing yet another contender to see if it provides the support, comfortability, and stylistic design that suits them — knowing full-well it’s most likely just another disappointing candidate.

So why has choosing the right sports bra become such a fairytale story? A long search for the sports bra in shining armor that complements all of our best qualities and supports us during our toughest moments?

Considering we’re all equipped with unique assets and inclinations for different forms of movement, the dramatic journey to find that lucky little sports bra makes sense but doesn’t make it any less maddening.

As a brand on a mission to elevate movement of all kinds for people of all kinds, we’re riding in with the ultimate sports bra guide that aligns you with your perfect match well before the carriage turns back into a pumpkin.

Flip open the chapter where you and your sport bra(s) — multiple, because believe it or not, there’s a number of made-for-you matches — and let the love story begin.

@ewebbz wearing a comfy lounge sports bra in an oatmeal color with a pair of matching sweatpants while taking a mirror selfie in her living room.


Allow us to set the stage: you just got home from work, you squeezed in a quick 20-minute Pilates sculpt, you showered, and now it’s time to slip into something comfy and turn on the show of your latest obsession. You just felt that taking-off-your-bra-at-the-end-of-the-day bliss and we’re going to protect that at all costs. For you, we have three selections of lounge-approved bras to pair with the baggiest of sweats and laziest of nights.

Ribbed Manifest Bra – Didn’t think no-bra days could get better? Well, they just did. So soft, so adjustable, and so light

Seamless Ribbed Low Back Bra – all the stretch and breathability of Alo’s signature seamless fabric with a V-neck front and low, crisscross back

Icon Cami Bra – a barely there feel with a can’t-look-away icon band for a comfy staple that belongs in everyone’s intimates

@coralsimanovich wearing a bright red string sports bra with a matching pair of high waisted leggings while posing against a tennis net on a court.


For the following three categories, it’s important to take both chest size and activity into consideration — because while proud members of the IBTC could run a marathon in the below three styles, we’d recommend those with cup size B and up save these for non-inversion flows and low-impact classes. Taking the support into account will always be your key to sports bra satisfaction.

Airlift Intrigue Bra – one of our pride and joy styles for the sculpting, lifting, and smoothing Airlift fabric that levels up a classic sports bra shape

Wild Thing Bra – a little cinch, a lotta plunge, this ruched bra flatters like there’s no tomorrow

Lavish Bra – as recently spotted on Jennifer Lopez, this mesh-banded style of the Alo sports bra lineup is as lovely as the icon herself

@nayitavp stretching on a yoga mat wearing a ribbed scoop neck sports bra in bright blue with a pair of v-seamed capri leggings.


These medium support sports bras work beautifully for chest sizes B-C who are looking for a go-to bra for their weekly line-up of workout classes. Everything from boxing classes to yoga sculpts to outdoor cardio bursts will appreciate the support with unparalleled comfort. Just because you’re smaller or larger than the B-C category does not mean these bras are off limits — all of our styles are wear-tested to perfection on different sizes to ensure an XS fits an XS and L fits an L (just remember to plan accordingly with your desired movement).

Airbrush Rev It Up Bra – practice-perfect support with a bustier-style seamed moment? Sign everyone’s activewear collection up

Seamless Delight High Neck Bra – not only does this performance-ready bra double as a tank, but its hug-you-in-comfort takes you from practice to pavement as seamlessly as the fabric

Wellness Bra – an easy-to-wear (and workout in) silhouette that is an instant classic

A woman wearing a red high impact sports bra with a matching pair of high waisted leggings posing against a dark green wall.


Should you be part of the crowd who typically struggles most to find a sports bra that supports your ample assets, we’re so proud to say we have just the bras for you. High-intensity-approved bras have gotten a bad rep as of late for the pinching, squeezing, and lack of chic-ness (a.k.a. our list of “absolutely-nots” as we constructed the three styles below). P.S. If you’re smaller than a C, these styles can still treat you with all of the love and support you deserve. We’ve organized these from lowest high impact to highest high impact so you know exactly what kind of support you’re getting.

Emulate Bra – our lighter of the high impact support options, this bra provides thick straps, a larger under-bust band, and a subtle V-neck to add coverage to a staple style

Airlift Take Charge Bra – our second to highest impact, this takes comfort and support to new heights with second-skin Airlift

Power Play High Impact Bra – for chest sizes 32C-38DD, this stunning construction provides full coverage and total support for your most challenging of workouts

And just like that, you’ve found the perfect sports bra(s): the end! If you’re looking to make a statement in between your weekly workouts, here are our favorite statement sports bras to show off. Be sure to tag @Alo on IG with your favorite sports bra picks and how you most enjoy putting them to work!