Manifest Your Best Self through Meditation

Manifest Your Best Self through Meditation

Let it go, let it be & lock in your goals the yogi way

Chances are you've been busy making resolutions and seeking out new paths for self-improvement (go you!). A new year is a great time to start fresh and really nail down what it is that you want to achieve or focus on, major life change or not. To help you realize your goals, make peace with the process and stoke the fire for future success, we put together a simple meditation exercise. Find a quiet, comfy space to and dive in!

Ready, Set, Release

Meditation is a great tool to help us get clear on what we want, but it also teaches us to let go of expectations and loosen any tight grips we may have on certain thoughts and feelings. The practice helps calm and strengthen the mind and body, opening us up to change and, ultimately, allowing us to embrace uncertainty (amazing, right?). So, while setting goals is great, it's equally important to allow space for whatever comes your way.

To start, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and focus in on your breath. Do a mental scan of your body, softening each part until you're completely relaxed. Continue this for 5 minutes or however long you like. If any thoughts come up, softly let them go and come back to the breath.

Set an Intention

Whether there's a concrete goal or a way of being you're working toward, setting an intention and really internalizing it can actually help you make it a reality. While in your meditation, think of what you want to manifest and create a simple sentence around it. Repeat this to yourself as many times as needed. Need some inspo? Head over to our intention-setting guide.

Visualize Your Life

Want to get super clear on what you want? Try a simple visualization exercise instead of or in tandem with setting an intention. Envision the goal, trait or life that you want to manifest and start mentally filling in the details. It's okay if you don't have a clear idea—as you start repeating this exercise, the vision will gradually become more defined.

Write It Down

To seal your practice or reflect on the experience, you might find it useful to jot down the thoughts or images that came up during the meditation. Journaling will help you sort out your ideas and goals and keep them top of mind in the future. You can write down your intention, what you visualized or even the steps that you need to take to get there. It's up to you!

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