@viviankimx wearing a Honeydew outfit with a matching Warrior Mat carried by a Yoga Strap while walking outdoors.

Must-Have Yoga Gear For Beginners

Feel like a pro from day one

Yoga is all about deep breaths and calm minds but stepping onto your mat for the first time ever might not feel calm, cool, and collected.

With the next guy in full handstand before the teacher even enters the room and the heat compounding with the nerves to create abnormal amounts of pre-class perspiration, yoga is intimidating.

Quick newsflash: That. Is. Normal.

Easy fix #1: Let go of all flexibility, strength, and inversion expectations you’ve set for yourself. You have your toes on the mat and you’re doing something for yourself — everything else will come with time.

Easy fix #2: Invest in quality gear.

This is where we come in.

Quality yoga equipment is essential to finding confidence on your mat and elevating your practice.

No slipping and sliding mid-class. No negative self-talk when you can’t find perfect balance. No FOMO when you don’t have the gear the rest of the class is using.

We have the perfect compliments for deepening your practice, and we’re thrilled to share them with you.

@christajanine stretching on a Black Warrior Mat wearing a pair of High Waist Airbrush Leggings and a White Real Bra Tank.

Here’s 5 yoga accessories that are pro-approved and entirely ready to help you move mindfully for years to come:


For all of the details on this ultra-luxe yoga mat, we recommend checking out what our customers have to say in this Warrior Mat reviews roundup. But if you’ve only got a few minutes, we’ll detail the need-to-knows here.

Because it’s non-toxic, ethically sourced, and 100% formaldehyde- & PVC-free — just us having to specify these details should give you a hint as to what’s out there — the only thing that will make your mat dirty is sweat.

And even on that note, it’s moisture wicking and anti-odor so “dirty” is a bit of a stretch.

What makes this an essential for your newfound practice? The Warrior Mat is non-slip (a yoga nonnegotiable), oversized for all of the falls and flights ahead, and perfectly cushioned to keep you and your joints supported.

P.S. There’s tons of fun colors to suit your style this way.


Your new best friend as you begin your practice: yoga blocks.

Basically an extension of your arms, these lightweight but firm 3D rectangles shorten the distance between you and the floor so you can sink into poses without pushing your flexibility limits too hard.

Yoga forces your body to tap into new muscles and deep alignment that is equally enlightening and challenging. Yoga blocks take some of the pressure off of strength and flexibility and instead increase accessibility and awareness so you can enjoy the process and not stress.


Up until this double-duty yoga strap graced us with its presence, juggling a water bottle, keys, a mat, and all of our other essentials to and from the studio proved quite circus-like.

The Duality Yoga Strap features adjustable looped ends for carrying your mat around town like a pro but also serves purpose on the mat that beginners and long-time yogis appreciate. With sleek elastic panels that provide a light bounce, this 2-in-1 strap aids in the process of increasing flexibility, stretching deeper, and sinking into restorative poses.

@debiflue wearing a Slit Bra and High Waist Moto Legging in Ivory while laying on her Smoky Quartz Warrior Mat with a Grounded No-Slip Towel and Uplifting Yoga Block at the side.


This perfectly-engineered no-slip towel allows you to find softness and stillness in every savasana. A silicone grip pattern on the back ensures you’re not going anywhere except deeper into your movement while the ultra-soft front absorbs all of the hard-work-prone sweat.

It’s also machine washable to make life that much easier. If you’re a hot yoga fan, we highly recommend adding this to your yoga gear lineup.


While this prop may look like fun and games, we promise you, it will become the MVP of your accessories bin. Designed to relieve the inevitable (and beloved) soreness that comes with beginning a yoga practice, you’ll find yourself rolling and bending at the beginning and end of every day.

You can read the full spread on what a yoga wheel is and how to use it, but just know that all of those impossible inversions you’ve seen on social media are made much more possible with this little wheel.


Some days will be easier to get on the mat than others. For the days where you’re searching for any excuse to keep your mat rolled away, we suggest these 5 activewear accessories that add energy and excitement when you need it most.

While a spunky scrunchie and a 90s-inspired visor may not be essential for your practice, they’re essential to getting you through tough days, and we think that deserves the “must-have” title.

Now that you’ve got your gear, it’s time to get moving. Head over to Alo Moves, our online fitness platform, equipped with beginner classes and world-class instructors that will get you where you’re wanting to go!