Two men sharing an intimate moment in front of an ombre rainbow backdrop.

Alo's Love Is Love Campaign: Pride Month 2021

Wear your support with our first-ever Pride collection

Pride means a lot to us at Alo — because we believe love is love, because yoga means unity, and because the Alo Fam is filled with LGBTQIA+ individuals. This month, we're proud to share our first-ever Pride Capsule Collection with 100% of proceeds going to The Trevor Project, a national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQIA+ youth. Join us as we proudly wear our support and invest in the future of this inspiring community.

At Alo, we’re passionate about bringing mindful movement to all — to inspire people from all walks of life to their mat, to kickstart their journey of self-affirmation and self-love, and to provide tools on how to live a more meaningful and connected life. Inclusivity is critical to our mission as a brand, and our diverse community inspired a collection and campaign we’re beyond thrilled to announce.

For Pride Month, we’re debuting our first-ever, limited-edition, unisex Pride Capsule Collection to benefit The Trevor Project, accompanied by a stunning campaign celebrating the LGBTQIA+ members of our very own Alo Fam. Within this exclusive collection, you’ll find the iconic pride rainbow embellishing casual sweat-shorts, tanks, and our yogi-approved yoga mat so you can lounge, lunge, and live in Pride all month (and year) long.

In addition to this collection, we’re also sharing the love on our digital fitness platform Alo Moves, with free, 30-day memberships and the launch of our first-ever live classes — so grab your loved one or rainbow yoga mat, and let’s practice together!

Two women posing in front of an ombre rainbow backdrop wearing all white clothing with rainbow logos.


Partnering with LGBTQIA+ non-profit, The Trevor Project, was a no-brainer for us. Like Alo Gives, Alo’s non-profit organization, The Trevor Project focuses on mental health and provides youth with life-changing skills.

The Trevor Project began as storytelling on screen — an LGBTQIA+ coming-of-age story that too often goes untold — turned national movement. Eventually, their work led to the creation of a 24-hour crisis hotline that has saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of LGBTQIA+ youth like Trevor, the star in the short film.

"[The Trevor Project] provides valuable resources to young people nationwide who may not have anywhere else to turn to for help. That's why their work is so incredible — thanks to Trevor's programs, LGBTQIA+ youth are not alone." Marisol C.

@namaste.trey stretching in front of an ombre-rainbow backdrop while wearing Alo's unisex sweat shorts from the Pride Collection.

The Trevor Project blends research and innovation into accredited programming with a resounding impact — from TrevorText and TrevorChat services that provide counselors at-the-ready 24/7, to providing comprehensive guides covering how to protect your well-being while on social media, to hosting intersectional conversations around racial injustice and LGBTQIA+ issues.

We’re thrilled to donate 100% of all proceeds to this organization that is directly impacting the lives of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Two men kissing in front of an ombre-rainbow backdrop wearing the signature Alo Pride Capsule Collection.


Our Pride Campaign is unapologetically, passionately, and proudly showcasing that LOVE IS LOVE — and all love is worthy of celebration.

Our Pride Collection is modeled by members of our community of yogis, instructors, influencers, and friends who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community (with a little help from their loved ones). Alo’s Director of Creative Marketing, Alyson Wilson, envisioned a campaign that, first and foremost, celebrates the diversity and unity within our own Alo Fam:

“For the pride campaign we were so grateful to be able to get together with the awesome LGBTQIA+ community members and allies who we are lucky enough to have in the Alo world to feature the pride capsule collection. Everyone was so amazing in their support and we are thrilled to be able to give back with our contribution to the Trevor Project.”

We’re thrilled to highlight their stories in a series of stunning images and videos that honor and uplift the LGBTQIA+ members of our community that give us all so much joy, wisdom, and inspiration — just by being present and being authentic. Their powerful interview stories are moving, inspiring, and not to be missed so check them out, share them, and love on these beautiful people (as we love to do) on @Alo’s Instagram.

Designed for walking tall in and wearing proudly, the pieces of this capsule embrace the unity and inclusivity Alo stands for. Just as yoga invites everyone to show up on the mat exactly as they are, and to breathe, move, and rejuvenate, this capsule extends the same sweeping invitation. Show up proudly, give yourself permission to exist as that self, and live out your truth courageously.

Whether you’re wearing your support, practicing proudly, or developing friend-crushes on the self-loving souls and stars of the campaign (we know them, and the crushes are still very real), we’re thrilled to celebrate Pride month with you! Follow @Alo, @AloYoga, and @AloMoves to stay up-to-date on live classes, and tag us to show your Pride moments all month long! Support LGBTQIA+ Youth and shop the limited-edition capsule now!