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The Best Products To Slip Into Your Man’s Skincare Routine

Keep self-care simple for him with the Clean Glow Body System 

No matter the man and regardless of lifestyle, the one thing we know for sure is that men like to keep self-care simple. Too many steps and products can be confusing and hard to keep track of, especially if they have a busy lifestyle. While we’ll gladly participate in a 30-minute nightly skincare routine, the last thing many men want to think about is making sure their 10-step skincare system fits into their gym bag.

So, in the spirit of simplicity (and clean vegan beauty), this is the 4-step system every gal needs to slip into their man’s skincare ritual — meet the Clean Glow Body System. With a body cleanser, face wash, aromatherapy soothing spray, and body lotion, this set not only provides abundant skincare bang for your buck but also provides an easy way to get the guy(s) in your life to step up their self-care game. Everybody wins.

Here’s a breakdown of our fave set for men.

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The most important thing for men after a workout is to remove dirt, sweat, and build-up from the body. Leaving sweat for too long can lead to painful ingrown hairs and acne, and if you can’t show off those shoulders, what were all those hours in the gym even for? No one wants to deal with unwelcome blemishes and the best way to stop them before they start is by stepping into a hot shower with Mega C Body Wash. Amla antioxidants, aloe, and marula oil soothe and moisturize the skin, removing dirt and oil gently with a rich, frothy lather.

If deeper exfoliation is needed — and let’s be honest here, a good round of deep exfoliation is always the move — use a scrubbing mitt, body brush, or wash cloth while washing. Men can be particular when it comes to the scents of products they use, and this naturally fragranced, unisex citrus scent has been known to please even the pickiest of noses. The herbal botanicals and vanilla base notes energize and uplift after a workout and tend to make any significant others, roommates, and co-workers just as scent-satisfied.

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Potentially our favorite step in the process for the calming, stress-relieving effect it has upon the men in our lives: the Magnesium Reset Spray. With just 3 sprays dispensing 45 mg of magnesium (as well as arnica, valerian and soothing aromatherapy oils), this provides the perfect way to soothe the body after a long workout and much-needed shower.

Vitamin C-rich amla compounds the good vibes by infusing the skin with nourishing antioxidants that deliver stress-melting bliss (name a better way to seal in your practice or workout, we’ll wait). You can also spray it over your body pre-savasana to preemptively soothe muscles. The natural mandarin orange, rice milk and calming botanical essential oil scent is inviting and neither masculine nor feminine and compliments the other product fragrances in this kit.

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An often-overlooked step in a man’s skincare routine is moisturizing. Guys, just because your skin isn’t visibly dry and flakey doesn’t mean putting moisture back into the skin isn’t necessary. Hot showers, saunas, and anything that heats up the skin fast, drains it of its natural moisture, and because men tend to shower more often (especially those with active lifestyles) rehydration is a key. Superfruit Moisturizing Body Lotion moisturizes with coconut oil and amla antioxidants that reinforce the skin’s moisture with vitamins C and E while soothing arnica works to ease a tired body and a natural citrus scent lingers nicely on clean skin and compliments the Head-To-Toe Glow Oil perfectly.

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Head-To-Toe Glow Oil is a holy grail nourishing oil that can be used all over the body to hydrate, soothe, and promote even tone, texture, and clarity. Made with soothing turmeric plus 15 different luxe oils and antioxidants, this elixir makes skin and hair seriously glow. We love adding it over the top of body lotion to slug in hydration and supercharge ingredients from the entire line of products. It’s also a great post-shave oil that promotes smoothness and helps to prevent ingrown hairs. After massaging onto the body and feet, comb the leftover oil on your fingers through the ends of your hair to add moisture and prevent frizz. It absorbs quickly adding weightless shine. This multi-functional product also doubles as a soothing scalp mask to cool sunburn as well as an insanely luxurious massage oil that can really spice up date night.

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