One woman wearing a light pink workout set with a sports bra tank top and high-waisted leggings standing alongside another woman wearing bright blue high-waisted biker leggings with a drawstring and a white sports bra.


The weather’s heating up & so is your closet

There’s celeb crushes and real-life, marry-me crushes, but all we can think about right now is the crushes we have on this season’s line-up of color drops.

It’s like a summer candy shop and we want a taste of it ALL.

From bold neons to candy pinks and splashy blues, this trifecta is fun and flirty and we’re obsessed with them – individually, as power pairings, or styled all together.

Were so ready to trade winter loungewear for statement yoga leggings and show-some-skin workout outfits in some new, happy colors that scream vacay.

One woman wearing a light pink workout set with a sports bra tank top and high-waisted leggings standing alongside another woman wearing bright blue high-waisted biker leggings with a drawstring and a white sports bra.


This soft, neon orange feels just right for a round of Power Sculpt with Ashley Galvin or for rollerblading to happy hour (hard kombucha, please!) with some girlfriends for a sunny Saturday outing. It’s eye-catching, vibrant, and powerful – which sounds a lot like the vibes we’re manifesting this spring.

Neon Apricot serves up a high-energy moment to inspire you on and off the mat with fearless yoga tops and workout leggings that'll awaken your practice and your seasonal style.

For the days you wake up ready to get that front row spot in class, to chat with the crush you’ve been seeing at the coffee shop, and to bring some extra oomph to a weekend brunch look, Neon Apricot is the color you want on hand.


Pair with Bone or White for a yummy spring creamsicle look, or wear head-to-toe for an extra bright look that's perfect for practice and pavement.


Neon Apricot High-Waist 7/8 No Limit Legging + Neon Apricot No Limit Bra a workout set with body-mapped ribbing for a contoured silhouette you’ll love

Neon Apricot High-Waist Biker Short + White Aspire Tank a fun street look with your favorite bikers and a touch of summertime energy

      Woman wearing turquoise blue one-shoulder sports bra with high-waisted leggings.


      Bright Aqua is like drinking that tall glass of water first thing in the morning before you have your cup of coffee and overnight oats – it’s refreshing, cleansing and good for body & soul.

      This turquoise shade is a perfectly hypnotic blue that is quickly becoming the biggest color trend of 2021, and whether it’s giving us those calm ocean vibes for a mid-week meditation or an upbeat burst of energy for a Saturday morning jog, we’re drinking up every bit of it.

      While we await our next tropical vacay, sunny skies and blue waters are not too far away, thanks to Bright Aqua’s cool yoga outfits and workout sets.


      Bright Aqua gives the perfect amount of lift for softer colors like Purple Dusk, but we’re definitely not keeping you from pairing it with Parisian Pink for an updated Malibu Barbie moment (in fact, we encourage it).

      LOOKS WE 💙

      Bright Aqua Airlift Excite Bra + Bright Aqua 7/8 High-Waist Airlift Legging a sleek, second-skin look for brightened-up, every day wear

      Bright Aqua Pulse Tank + Black Airbrush High-Waist Legging a silky, high-performance set for leveling-up your fitness routine

        Woman wearing light pink sports bra tank with high-waist workout leggings.


        Like the ultimate shade of pink we all search for at the nail salon – but better.

        Let’s be honest, it’s hard to avoid heading straight for that perfectly light, effortless pink when it’s time to update our fingers and toes. The issue is finding a shade that’s just right, even with a line-up of hundreds of little bottles.

        While we’re still on the nail polish hunt (drop us a line if you’ve found it), Parisian Pink is ending the hunt for can’t-turn-me-down pink wardrobe essentials.

        This dreamy shade of pink is meant for living in, turning heads in, and getting a good sweat in. It’s that type of color you don’t want to take off. Like, ever.

        Parisian Pink sports bras, tanks, and high-waisted leggings are the blush-worthy pieces you wear while casually locking eyes with your soon-to-be true love over basil microgreens at the Saturday farmer’s market. It’s romantic and soft for dates over gluten-free scones but bright and playful for the new pilates class you’re going to try out this weekend.

        HOW TO WEAR

        Parisian Pink and Zinc Heather are a match made in heaven for a flirty everyday look, or pair with Neon Apricot for a vibrant jolt of energy..

        LOOKS WE 💖

        Parisian Pink Delight Bra + Parisian Pink High-Waist Biker Short — an on-the-go outfit with the sculpt, shape, and softness we all love

        Parisian Pink Real Bra Tank + Zinc Heather High-Waist Alosoft Highlight Legging — an effortlessly cute summer outfit for living in all season long

        The sun is heating up & your look should follow suit! Show up & show off in your fave Alo color combos and tag @alo on Instagram to show us how you're color crushing it!