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Flow: Check In | Kayla Nielsen

Get out of your head and onto your mat. This full-body sequence works through repetitive movements and familiar shapes to help you stop thinking about what’s next, and instead use your breath to connect to your full range of motion. You’ll transition with handstand hops to build strength, increase your heart rate, and encourage playtime. This practice is designed to be paired with the Meditation: Check In class.

Morning Ritual | Jonah Kest

Rise and shine. This short and sweet yin practice will calm your mind and prepare your body for the day ahead. All you need is you and your breath.

HEADSTAND | Talia Sutra

Get a step-by-step breakdown of the "king of the asanas,” headstand. You’ll apply Talia’s three-step method to learn how to safely lift up into headstand.

FIND BALANCE | Jackie Stewart

After spending some time in your practice, you can start to revisit and refine certain elements of your physical posture and mental attitude that might have either gotten too tight or too loose. This meditation will help you find balance between the two so you have just the right amount of effort without becoming too rigid.


Undo countless hours of sitting as you dive into a hip-opening sequence that will release tension and help you unwind from your day.


Get into the groove of things with this morning yoga flow. This practice is designed to get your body moving and your blood flowing. By practicing classical sun salutations, you’ll use repetition and movement to surrender to what is and start the week in flow of things.

Essential Pilates | Tela Anderson

Build on the basics with this full-body Pilates mat workout. This class is designed to teach you the foundations and techniques of the classical Pilates method. You’ll tone your abdominals, glutes, and back muscles through exercises such as the Pilates 100, half roll down, and single-leg circles.

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