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Details: Whether you love doing handstands or love the pursuit of handstands, this all-levels challenge will give you a good excuse to play upside down! Hosts will lead you through 10 different variations of handstands including modifications for wherever you are in your practice. Come with a sense of play and watch the journey unfold!


10 Days of handstand shapes and drills with highly interactive and encouraging hosts who all post the same time each day, all 10 days, the day before so that participants know their daily assignment ahead of time. This is an all levels challenge with options for beginners to advanced. 


May 12- 23

Mudras are known as Yoga of the hands with Mantras being yoga in the form of intentional sound. Both are meditation tools used to enhance mindfulness and spiritual enlightenment. Ancient sages believed our hands hold energetic points of the five elements (space, air, fire, water and earth) and that manipulating the hands into different shapes (mudras) gives you the ability to manipulate the elements. Each day of this challenge will teach the participating yogis a new symbolic and ritualistic mudra from the Hindu and Buddhist culture along with a Mantra that reflects the intention of the given mudra. Each participant is encouraged to meditate on the paired mantra while practicing the given mudra in any asana of choice.

DAY 1: Breath Meditation Technique with Caley Alyssa — 7 Days of Mindful Meditation

Learn a simple stress-relieving breathing exercise that you can use anywhere, anytime! Lead by Caley Alyssa, this 7-Minute Breath Meditation Technique is designed to help you cultivate mindful breathing and is a wonderful tool to help relieve stress and anxiety

Join Us for 7 days Of Mindful Meditation!

This month, in honor of National Meditation Month, we decided to do something a little different—7 Days of Mindful Meditation. That’s 7 days of 7-minute meditations for finding your zen, on and off the mat. Caley Alyssa and Andrew Sealy will guide you through breathing exercises, meditation sessions and visualizations to help you get centered and learn effective techniques that you can use anywhere, anytime. It’s the perfect way to deepen your yoga practice and enrich your everyday life. Seven minutes may not sound like much, but in this case, a little goes a long way—especially if you can turn it into a habit! We can’t wait to get it OM with you! Dates: May 25 - 31

3 Tips For Handstands For Beginners with Andrew Sealy

Andrew Sealy shares his top technical tips to help build, strengthen and improve your handstand practice. This step by step beginner’s guide offers fun and simple ways to master a safe and stable handstand, while engaging and strengthening your core. This inversion, when practiced mindfully, can help relieve stress, increase focus and self-confidence and add a playful element to your yoga practice.

How To: Wheel Pose for Beginners with Action Jacquelyn

A 5-Minute step by step tutorial lead by Jacquelyn Umof, targeted at building and strengthening your Wheel Pose. Jacquelyn highlights the best introductory practices to safely getting in and out of this back-bending inversion. Wheel is a great heart-opening pose, which helps strengthen the booty, inner thighs, quads and hamstrings, while improving spinal flexibility and rejuvenating the mind.

How To Backbend with Caley Allyssa

Learn how to do a strong and safe backbend in this instructional tutorial lead by Caley Alyssa. Backbends help stimulate the proper functioning of the digestive system and are great energizing poses that open the heart and invigorate the mind. At the same time, these poses place strong demands upon the lower back and spine. Caley will take you through her tips for proper alignment and increased flexibility, to ensure a safe, supported and fun backbend! * You will need: a yoga block or thick book

How To: Use A Yoga Wheel with Aubry Marie

Looking to cultivate more flexibility and balance in your yoga practice? This 4-minute yoga wheel tutorial is a great technical introduction to strengthening your back bending practice. Aubry Marie guides you through her tips and tricks to building strength and flexibility, while safely and comfortably using the yoga wheel to open up your shoulders, chest, lower back and abdomen. Trust the process, trust yourself and give it a go!

30-Minute Power Vinyasa Flow with Caley Alyssa

This Power Vinyasa Flow with Caley Alyssa is designed to build and strengthen your core while getting you to connect with your breath and work up a sweat! Incorporating strength, flexibility, balance, cardio and physical and mental stamina all in one session, this customized practice with Caley is the perfect blend of sweat and serenity.

How To: Carpal Tunnel Wrist Stretches with Miki Ash

A 10-minute carpal tunnel prevention class to give your fingers and wrists some TLC. Miki Ash will guide you through a handful of exercises and stretches to prevent and relieve the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel, while giving your hands a nice little break from your cell phone and computer. These fun exercises can be incorporated into your daily yoga practice and help to strengthen your hands for inversion prep.

30-Minute Power Vinyasa Flow with Briohny Smyth

Join Briohny Smyth for a 30-Minute Power Vinyasa Yoga Flow. This level one yoga practice focuses on engaging and working your core, while building strength and flexibility in the body. Prepare to get your flow on, work up a sweat, and stretch it out!

How To: Warrior 1 Pose with Andrew Sealy

Learn how to achieve a strong and aligned Warrior I or Virabhadrasana I in this instructional tutorial lead by Andrew Sealy. Warrior I is one of the foundational poses of yoga that helps to focus the mind, build balance and stability in the body, and strengthen the connection to your core. Andrew will guide you through his tips and modifications for proper alignment and muscle and core engagement.

Yoga Flow For Tight Hips with Caley Alyssa

Our hips naturally hold the majority of stress and tension that can build up in our everyday lives. Learn to improve your range of motion and circulation and relieve built up tension with this 15-minute Yoga For Tight Hips tutorial. Lead by Caley Alyssa, this instructional class focuses on a range of different poses targeted at stretching the outer hip, hip flexors and groin area, while alleviating tension in the back muscles and relieving anxiety.

Flexibility Flow with Action Jacquelyn

This 20-Minute Flexibility Flow lead by Jacquelyn Umof is a great way to lengthen and stretch your muscles while leaving you feeling invigorated and refreshed. Jacquelyn will guide you through a range of poses and stretches that help to relieve muscle tension, increase your flexibility and energy levels. A great early morning flow to kick start your day, take some time to yourself and give your muscles and mind a little TLC.

How to: Hollowback for Beginners with Briohny Smyth

Learn how to achieve a strong and balanced Hollowback in this instructional tutorial for advanced yogis. Briohny Smyth offers her personal tips and favorite warm up poses to ensure a safe and supported practice. Hollowback, a variation on Pincha Mayurasana, allows you to open up your chest and shoulder spaces, work on your counter balance and add some playfulness to your yoga practice. Embrace the challenge and go at your own pace!

Nighttime Flow with Action Jacquelyn

This 20-minute pre-bedtime yoga flow lead by Jacquelyn Umof is the perfect way to wind down after a long day and clear your mind to prepare you for a nice, deep sleep. Jacquelyn guides you through a slower paced flow – which focuses on calming the breath and relieving any stress or tension from the body and mind. Shut down, log out and do some yoga!

How To: Wild Thing with Miki Ash

A 3-Minute ‘Wild Thing’ How-To tutorial lead by Miki Ash. This video is a great introduction to Wild Thing - a highly energizing pose, which opens up the chest, lung and shoulder areas, while stretching the hip flexors and strengthening the upper back. A fun and beautiful pose to incorporate into your yoga practice. Approach this asana with playfulness and deep breaths.

How To: Eagle Pose with Caley Alyssa

This 3-Minute ‘Eagle Pose’ tutorial lead by Caley Alyssa is a great introduction to the King of the Bird poses - a highly energizing asana, which is great for opening up your hip and shoulder spaces, maintaining your body’s natural alignment, compressing your lymph nodes and promoting circulation. It’s a fun twisting pose to incorporate into your yoga practice and will leave you feeling focused and detoxified. Twist up to unwind and release. You will need: 2 yoga blocks.

How To: Intro to Crow Pose

This quick 1-Minute Crow Pose tutorial is a great introduction for beginners to this fun arm-balance. Andrew Sealy offers his tips and modifications to ensure a safe and strong approach to this pose. Crow Pose or Bakasana is great for strengthening the arms, wrists and abdominals, stretching the upper back area, engaging the core and building up to handstand practice. You will need: 1 block & 2 pillows

Joint Mobility Flow with Miki Ash

Increase your flexibility and mobility in this 20-minute Joint Mobility Flow lead by Miki Ash. Miki will guide you through a range of poses targeted at lengthening and stretching your muscles and joints in a healthy and effective way. This enriching class draws focus to aligning breath with movement, while giving the major muscles of the body some TLC. You will need: A Yoga Strap.

How To: Advanced Guide To Wheel Pose with Action Jacquelyn

This 5-Minute Wheel Pose tutorial lead by Jacquelyn Umof is for intermediate yogis looking to further build and strengthen their Wheel Pose practice. Jacquelyn offers her tips and modifications for safely and strongly getting in and out of a range of wheel variation poses, such as one-legged wheel and drop backs. Heart-opening inversions are great for improving upper back and spinal flexibility, strengthening the buttocks, inner thighs, quads and hamstrings and will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Introduction To Nauli with Aubry Marie

This 2-Minute Introduction to Nauli - an ancient cleansing breathwork exercise lead by Aubry Marie is a great way to help wake up your core in preparation for inversion practice. Nauli is one of the most effective core exercises out there. A strong core = less injury and a happier body overall. Nauli works to kick-start core engagement - creating the stability, alignment and engagement necessary for a safe practice, while also cleansing the lower abdomen and small intestines. Aubry offers her tips and modifications to practice this breathing exercise safely.

Restorative Flow with Andrew Sealy

This 25-Minute restorative yoga flow lead by Andrew Sealy is a great way to unwind, stretch and rejuvenate the body and mind. Andrew will guide you through a sequence of deep stretches, free-flowing poses and breath work aimed at enhancing flexibility, relieving any tension or stress and relaxing the mind. Take some time to connect with yourself and restore your body, mind and soul.

How To: The Intricacies of Child's Pose with Caley Alyssa

This 4-minute Child’s Pose tutorial lead by Caley Alyssa is a great way to check in with your body, mind and breath, while learning different variations of this hip-opening and restorative pose. Child’s Pose is one of the best and most important postures in yoga. It helps to stretch the hips, thighs, and ankles while reducing stress and fatigue. Caley offers her variations and modifications to ensure a comfortable and beneficial practice of this pose. Check out of your surroundings and in with your body and mind.

Arm Balance Flow with Andrew Sealy

This 20-Minute Arm Balance Flow lead by Andrew Sealy is a great way to build heat, strength and endurance in your yoga practice. Andrew guides you through a sequence of stretching and strength building movements designed to prepare you for arm balances. This flow will challenge your strength and focus, improve your arm balance practice and get you working up a sweat! Don’t forget to practice at your own level and have some fun!

How To: Splits For Beginners with Action Jacquelyn

This 8-minute Splits tutorial lead by Jacquelyn Umof is a great introduction to this advanced pose. Jacquelyn demonstrates her favorite lead-up stretches, tips and modifications to ensure a safe and strong splits practice. The full split, or hanumanasana, is a great pose for stretching the thighs, opening up the hip flexors, deepening body awareness and developing perseverance and patience in your yoga practice.

How To: Sun Salutation A with Caley Alyssa

Energize, stretch and strengthen your body in this 7-Minute instructional Sun Salutation A class lead by Caley Alyssa. Sun Salutations help to build heat in the body and are often used as warm-up sequences for your yoga practice. In this tutorial, Caley will guide you through the essential components of the A Series of Sun Salutations and her tips and modifications for each pose. Get ready to connect with your breath and warm up those muscles!

HIIT Booty with Koya Webb

A 13-minute high-intensity interval training workout (HIIT) that focuses on toning and strengthening the booty. Lead by Koya Webb, this workout will increase your heart rate and have you working up a sweat through intense bursts of exercise, such as lunges, squats, mountain climbers and burpees. This is a quick, easy and effective workout to do once a day, before or after your yoga practice.

45 minute Power Vinyasa Flow with Jessica Olie - Alo Yoga

Get ready to flow and stretch. This 45-minute Vinyasa class lead by Jessica Olie is a fun and gentle way to get your body moving and blood flowing, while synchronizing breath with your movement. Jessica guides you through a series of asanas, offering her tips and alignment cues to ensure a safe and strong Vinyasa practice. This is a great class for students looking to build strength, flexibility and concentration, while cleansing the body and calming the mind.

HIIT Yoga with Koya Webb - Alo Yoga

A 10-minute high-intensity yoga workout that focuses on building strength and endurance, while working up a sweat. Lead by Koya Webb, this workout incorporates a traditional yoga flow mixed with HIIT movements. This is a quick and effective workout to do once a day, before or after your yoga practice. Get ready to sweat and stretch!

30-Minute Alo Yoga Pre-Natal Morning Flow with Andrea Bogart

A gentle 30-Minute pre-natal yoga flow, lead by Andrea Bogart. With an emphasis on breath work, pelvic floor exercises, restorative poses, and core strength, this pregnancy sequence is designed to help you connect with your breath, relieve any tension or stress in the body, improve your circulation and build stamina. Andrea offers her tips and modifications to ensure a safe and comfortable practice for mother and child.

How To: Warrior 2 with Andrew Sealy - Alo Yoga

A 5-Minute Instructional Warrior 2 video, lead by Andrew Sealy. This is a great technical introduction to Warrior 2 – a pose which helps to open up the hips, while strengthening and toning the thighs, arms and shoulder muscles. Andrew offers his tips and modifications to ensure a strong and steady Warrior 2 practice, with an emphasis on alignment and core and breath work.

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