@rachellvallori wearing White High-Waist Flutter Leggings with a White Delight Bralette, a White Sherpa Trench and white sneakers while posing in a crosswalk in a big city.

How To Style Yoga Pants For Every Season: Fall & Winter

A little dose of inspo from a few of our faves

The go-to piece for any occasion? Leggings.

Morning, noon, night, lounging around, date nights out (peep below for our latest inspo), grabbing a coffee, sweating it out, a mid-morning stroll, a WFH fit, rain, shine — we could keep going but you get the picture, they’re a staple for pretty much everything.

While yoga pants remain constant, the one question mark that’ll always emerge as the weather heats up or cools down: “What to wear with leggings for *insert season*?”

On any given day, we review our daily schedule, peep out the window to check in with Mother Nature, throw on our leggings of choice, and add a top accordingly.

While we love our spring and summer uniform of tanks and leggings, you’ll always find us at the tail-end of August saying, “We can’t wait for fall and winter.” Why? Well apart from breaking out all of our favorite soup recipes and strategizing our gingerbread house blueprint, the main reason is that we get to once again begin experimenting with personal style thanks to an abundance of new layers.

This year we dropped some epic new tops, jackets, and covers that are already hitting studios and streets for some iconic, seasonal leggings outfits — and thanks to some styling inspo from the Alo Fam, we’re detailing all of the magical fall and winter looks here.

@saraorrego wearing the Cargo Sherpa Jacket with a sports bra, High-Waist Moto Leggings, sunglasses, and a handbag while running errands around town.


High-Waist Moto Leggings + Cargo Sherpa Jacket

There’s a reason (or two or three) our Sherpa styles sell out so quickly — they’re timeless, ultra-luxe, and will hands-down be the most versatile piece you add to your closet. Not only is it the perfect item to keep you warm in-between yoga class and grocery runs, but we’ve seen some elevated Sherpa x leggings looks out and about (and holy Sherpa, they’re giving life to all of our holiday party looks — Christmas leggings outfit anyone?).

@debiflue wearing White High-Waist Biker Shorts with an oversized nude sweater, chunky white sneakers, a designer handbag, and a coffee while walking around town.


High-Waisted Biker Shorts + SoHo Pullover

This is the ultimate transitional fall leggings (but make them bikers) outfit — bikers smooth, snatch, and keep things comfy while an oversized sweater styles (and warms) it up a notch. We know you’re all looking for winter outfits with leggings, but bikers serve as the perfect in-between piece until winter is officially here. Add your favorite pair of sneakers and a handbag for a perfectly on-trend yet casual look you can wear everywhere.

A woman wearing the Wild Thing Bra, High-Waist Airbrush Leggings, and the Hype Full Zip Hoodie while posing for an up-close shot.


Wild Thing Bra + High-Waist Airbrush Leggings + Hype Full Zip Hoodie

For coming and going, nothing does the job better than an oversized, ultra-comfy, looks-like-a-hand-me-down-from-the-boyf hoodie and your go-to pair of leggings. As noted above, a crop top and leggings outfit will always be reliable, but the secret is the Hype Full Zip Hoodie which keeps our go-to fit alive, well, and thriving even as the temperature drops. Whether brunching with friends, en route to the studio, or laying low on a gusty day, this look does it all.

@kimberlygarner wearing the 7/8 High-Waist Flutter Legging in Black with the Diagonal Flex Bra in Black paired with strappy high heels and a bag for a night out on the town.


7/8 High-Waist Flutter Legging + Diagonal Flex Bra

Do we need to be the ones to tell you that you're drooling over this look? Because we wish someone would’ve given us a heads up. The flared leggings, the heels, the asymm bra, the mini handbag, the all-black serve — it's too much (but not really, because we’ll definitely be copying this look for all of our out-on-the-town plans through 2021 and beyond).

Woman wearing High-Waist Airlift Leggings with the Bae Hoodie, both in Gravel, paired with an Alo Off-Duty Cap and Woman’s Throwback Socks while posing in bed for a mirror selfie.


High-Waist Airlift Leggings + Bae Hoodie + Off-Duty Cap + Women’s Throwback Socks

For running to Erewhon, reading a book, heading to the gym, or studying at the library, this look checks so many boxes: comfy, cute, and easy. This is one of those celebrities-trying-to-be-inconspicuous looks that you’ll find us in all fall and winter long — and if you see us out and about, don’t blow our cover *wink wink*. As a final note, the head-to-toe Gravel is giving us all of the fall feels we’re looking for.

Take a peak at all of our new seasonal drops and follow us on @Alo to see how we’re styling them up and down!