Acroyoga with GypsyOn

Acroyoga with GypsyOn

Meet Hannah and Pablo: a power couple on and off the mat

Even if you don't know what acroyoga is, chances are you've seen it on Instagram—two people tangled together in advanced yoga poses and one suspending the other with complete precision. In other words, that sweet spot where acrobatics meets yoga. Hannah Haller and her boyfriend Pablo are one such couple, traveling the world teaching at festivals and retreats and documenting it all under the GypsyOn moniker. Naturally, their incredible acro poses have since taken over our feed (in the best possible way), so we caught up with Hannah to talk all things acro, plus what makes a great partner.

We love seeing the videos + photos of you and Pablo—how did you two meet?

Pablo and I met here in Austin at an acro festival. We hit the road together to live in his van just a couple days later and traveled through seven states before we moved to San Diego and then back to Austin again. It’s been a pretty wild ride for us!

What advice do you have for anyone trying acro for the very first time?

Acro gets really exciting really quickly, but it is also incredibly dangerous. Being mindful of the “yoga” in acroyoga is a great way to stay safe. Pablo and I incorporate breathing together before everything we do!

There’s a lot of communication with acro partners and an even deeper layer because you’re partners in a romantic relationship. What tips do you have for other couples that love doing acro together?

Listening to what the other person needs and repeating it back to them can be a great way for both of you to comprehend the other's needs and feel like you are being heard. And we always end with a kiss!

What’s your favorite acro pose?

Since Pablo and I both love handstanding, we delved into hand to hand as soon as we met. It, like handstands, can never be too good, and there are so many places it can take you!

What Instagram accounts are you most inspired by right now?

I spend too much time on social media maintaining our account, and Pablo doesn’t even own a cell phone, so sadly, we don’t get much time to scroll.