Phyllicia Bonanno sitting on a White Warrior Mat while in a large, empty studio.

Yoga Mat Reviews: Here’s What Our Customers Have To Say

The proof is in the product reviews

The review section of a product page is the go-to place to uncover the true nature of the purchase you’re about to make. It’s serves as a mini column for what is loved and also what’s hated — unedited, blatantly honest, and the place to be as you decide whether or not to “add to cart.”

With that being said, we’ve taken a good hard look at what people have to say about our Warrior Mat, and while we think it’s the best, the proof is in the product reviews.

We’d love to take a few hours of your time to brag on our non-toxic, formaldehyde- & PVC-free, ethically sourced, ultra-luxe yoga mat. But we thought we’d let those using their Warrior Mats on a daily basis do the talking.

Below, we’re outlining all of the Warrior Mat’s promised deliverables with Alo Fam feedback to back it up — a no B.S. summary that you can count on.

@christajanine in a backward bend atop her Black Warrior Mat in an outdoor setting during her at-home Alo Moves class.


So you can stretch, breathe, and expand into every corner (without worrying about bumping into the next yogi).

“Just what I was looking for. I was looking for stability, that also has a lot of grip. This mat does the magic. It was surprisingly big, a lot of space for a 165cm tall girl.” -Siril W.

“This mat is the best! Not only is it nice and thick which provides comfort and support during a workout, it's also super grippy. I love the white colour and it fits perfectly in my carry bag. Perfect size and I'm quite long and tall which is something I've struggled with in other mats. If I could give it 100 stars I would ☺️” -Kim E.

A woman in crow pose atop her White Warrior Mat within her naturally lit home living room.


Just the right amount of support that your bones, joints, and stability will appreciate.

“This is by far the best yoga mat that I have ever used. There is great grip which allows for stability. It has substantial cushioning which is gentle on the joints. I use it for all types of yoga and exercise. I couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase!” -Pamela T.

“SO worth every penny. I waited over a year to purchase because I wasn't sure I wanted to spend that much on a mat. This is truly an investment in my body long term because I have had way less knee pain since using this mat. It's very high quality and I was VERY impressed.” -Michaela A.

“I’ve always found it hard to find a good mat because my knees and back hurts easily. But this mat is the first I’ve tried that is just perfect.” -Antoinette A.

@yogibeachhouse in Wild Thing pose atop her White Warrior Mat against a white wall.


Whether you’re inverting your heart out or sweating to the max in hot yoga, there’s no slippage happening here.

“Actually non-slip. This mat has revolutionized how I practice. It is truly non-slip, even when I am dripping sweat during hot yoga.” -Daniella S.

"This yoga mat has helped me deepen my yoga practice so much. It is supportive, grippy without being overly sticky, and maintains that support even during sweaty practices. I think it has the perfect amount of cushioning, and it is not a hassle to clean. I’ve had this mat for about 3 months now, and I feel confident that it will last for years!” -Andrea C.

“The ‘black tie’ of yoga mats. I have been practicing yoga for decades and tried just about every mat brand on the market. The Warrior mat stands out as the grippiest, cushiest, smoothest, most deliciously tactile of all. The mat has a satin like hand and a sheen that will elevate your yoga practice to the next level. It will support your yoga practice on all levels. Wish I'd discovered it sooner.” -Orly F.

A woman in Warrior III atop her Black Warrior Mat in a naturally lit home.


Match your vibe and get inspired with a rainbow of matte colors (and new ones dropping every so often).

“Love this mat! I got it in black though the other colors were tempting. I wanted something sleek and simple and I’m happy I chose black. No slip, very easy to clean, and durable! You won’t regret it.” -Kammie K.

“This is my first Alo Yoga mat and I love it! It is slightly wider and longer than my previous yoga mat, affording me space to get creative and explore. Highly recommend. Also I love the colour, I feel as though I am connected to Mother Earth and a lush green forest.” -Giselle B.

“This mat is such a beautiful, peaceful color. Perfect thickness and length. Water/sweat wicks away quickly and the quality has held up very nicely so far. I’ve already recommended it to many friends!” -Sage W.

@asanavanessa stretching while atop her Black Warrior Mat within a yoga studio.


With the right amount of TLC, these mats fend off any bacteria that might give rise to not-so-pleasant smells.

“I use the mat without a towel and I love how grippy it is. Easy to clean too!” -Adiel G.

“I just started doing a lot of hot yoga & meditation towels & mat would be soaked & the amount of laundry I had to do was huge & the slippage on my old mats even w the towels was so distracting & took away from my practice! With this mat I use no towel and the mat wicks/ absorbs my sweat & no slippage AT ALL! I LOVE this mat & highly recommend it!!! I am SO grateful to have found this mat!” -Heather A.

It sounds better coming from them, don’t you think? We think so too. Which is while we’ll be adding another color to our yoga mat collection and adopting the Warrior Mat as the perfect item for birthdays, holidays, and just-because gifts.

Be sure to follow along on the @AloYoga IG to catch new Warrior Mat color drops and get an inside look into all the yoga gear to boot!