Yogi Tie Simpson performs a forearm balance.

Tie Simpson’s Go-To Stack for Alo in the Wild, Joshua Tree

Release & Burn In The California Desert With The Hippie Heathen 

How we’re already turning the page on 2021’s spring season is beyond us – but what we do know is that the summer sun is approaching quicker than we can say “summer solstice”, and we need some spicy, quick workouts to heat things up a bit.

As if eavesdropping on this internal dialogue, Alo Moves — our online yoga, fitness, & meditation platform — just recently dropped their newest series featuring bucket-list-worthy settings and ultra-inspiring ways to sweat (and we couldn't feel more heard).

Say hello to Alo in the Wild!

This brand-new series invites you to escape to exotic outdoor locations around the world with 5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-minute immersive yoga and fitness classes that completely change the at-home workout game. Each series features power flows, targeted stretching, and epic, sculpting sequences that you can stack, combine, and repeat to DIY your dream workout. All the while immersing yourself in breathtaking jungles, oceans, forests, and deserts of the world — it’s as if they read our minds and filmed at all the places we fantasize about visiting.

Their newest series — Alo in the Wild: Joshua Tree — takes place in the stunning California desert we’ve dreamt about through the past year (just peek at our search history...). With the fitness goals you're manifesting, the pockets of unfilled time in your planner, and the energy level you woke up with this morning, you can craft a sandy, sunny workout-slash-escape that works for you.

To walk us through this new series, we’re honored to partner with the creator behind the conscious lifestyle brand Hippie Heathen, Tie Simpson. As the founder & C.E.O. of Sisters of Yoga – a global collective of Women of Color serving up representation and community through yoga, wellness, and mindfulness – Tie passionately advocates for holistic healing practices that guide fellow humans on their path of self-healing.

Through the power of yoga, she teaches self-connection, spiritual expansion, and conscious living as tools to cultivate a happier, healthier, more sustainable life.

Tie is a free-spirit, a wise soul, and the person you want in your corner, and we’re thrilled to try out her go-to Joshua Tree stack for release, strength, and burn.

Tawny Janae and Kupah James performing a quick workout together in Joshua Tree.


Zodiac Sign?

Leo (a fiery lioness through and through!)

What’s the first thing you do every morning?

Lay in bed, set my intentions, stretch, rise, make my bed, & open my blinds to greet the sun.

Fave nature spot?

I’m a hike-through-the-jungle woman, all day.

Go-to workout song?

Get Up (feat. Chamillionaire) by Ciara

The Alo pieces you can’t live without?

My Airlift Barre Bodysuit or my Lavish Bra and my High-Waist Alosoft Aura Shorts... and I don’t go anywhere without my Warrior Mat.

Fitness goals?

Increase my overall/full body muscle mass, increase my meditation practice frequency, and increase my daily vitamin and mineral intake.

How do you practice mindfulness?

During the week, I pause to do daily frequent self-check-ins. I assess how I’m feeling in that moment, and then I check-in & assess my energy before I enter a new space. I also often use this time to take 10-15 slow conscious breaths if I’m feeling anxious.

Tie Simpson performing a Pyramid Pose.


Like Tie’s mindful self-assessment, Alo in the Wild encourages you to check in with your mind & body, evaluate what you’re feeling, and build a movement practice that works for you.

If you wake up with a fiery energy – stack 5 full body classes, do 2 rounds of 3 5-minute classes, or hop from Joshua Tree to Hawaii to Tahoe within a single workout. You’re in the driver’s seat – choose your destination, areas of focus, and pace to meet your goals. Do the whole Joshua Tree series if you’re feeling it – no one’s stopping you!

For those slow Sunday mornings or days where you can’t seem to catch a breath – a 15-minute chill flow and 10-minute hip opening stretch class will be the way to give your body what it needs.

But for the days you’re wanting an Arnold Palmer kind of workout – half of yoga’s stretch & release, half of HIIT’s yummy burn – we suggest joining Tie and her favorite way to stack Alo in the Wild: Joshua Tree:


“With Joshua Tree at the top of my travel bucket list, bringing the warmth and beauty of the desert into my living room was amazing. Tawny was fun, vibrant, and energetic, which was everything I needed to power through her intense workout.”

Tawny Janae completing a Warrior Flow series in Joshua Tree.


“Kupah enters full beast mode and you instantly feel inspired to match his energy. There’s nothing like a good leg burn to let you know the workout was effective, and this 5-minute workout definitely did the job.”

Kupah James completing his ultra-quick workout focusing on the legs.


“My favorite workout almost always consists of quick exercises that target the booty, and this 10-minute focus on building mine was the perfect way to end my practice stack. Tawny created a beautiful, vibrant energy for this class.

Tawny Janae performs a quick booty workout.

Tie’s Joshua Tree stack is exactly what we need to start our week – a little bit of grounding, a little bit of release, and whole lot of burn to energize the next 7 days. (Thank you Tie, for inspiring our Monday morning movement.)

There’s just something about quick workouts that make your brain think “yep, this is manageable. I can handle 5 minutes.” And then suddenly you blink and find yourself 4 workouts deep, about to hit play on another 5-minute core burner.

With Alo in the Wild dropping new locations every 2 weeks, you can work out around the world while staying in the comfort of your home within whatever schedule of work meetings, coffee dates, and morning rituals you have planned. Alo in the Wild is meant to fit your schedule, your goals, and your energy rather than the other way around (our key to avoiding workout burnout).

To get (virtually) traveling & sweating with us in Big Sur, Tahoe, and more secret locations to come, head to Alo Moves – if you’re not already a member (why?), sign up now to get your first 14 days FREE!