Get In On Alo Instagram Challenges!

Get In On Alo Instagram Challenges!

It's like instant inspiration and yoga community ... just ask two yogis who love hosting challenges

An awesome way to get yoga inspiration is by connecting with other yogis... so we're all about always having lots of Instagram yoga challenges that ANYONE can participate in! Each challenge has a theme (think #strongandlong or #embraceandbloom), so participants can choose which one sounds like the most fun (or challenging!), and you can do as many as you want at one time. You can find out about them on our awesome Join A Challenge page.

Our yogi hosts assign the daily asanas, and everyone posts their yoga pose pics each day the challenge runs. An exercise in both personal growth and community building, challenges offer such a cool experience for everyone involved, and we're so excited to see them continue to grow. To peek inside the world of Alo challenges, we chatted with yogis and long-time hosts Joe Liz and Vanessa Fraser about their favorite part of hosting challenges, how the experience has transformed their practices and what advice they would give to someone who wants to try their first challenge.

How many Alo challenges have you hosted?

Joe & Vanessa: We've done about 30 challenges together. Joe has hosted about 75 challenges total, and Vanessa has hosted about 40 challenges total.

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What’s your favorite part of hosting?

Joe: Connecting with people and being inspired by the community.

Vanessa: Connecting with others and helping them with their yoga journey. Inspiring others to start their practice and love yoga.

What’s something that has surprised you since you first started getting more involved with challenges?

Joe & Vanessa: How much work goes into creating, putting together and running a yoga challenge. We plan challenges months in advance and coordinate poses, rotation order and hosts. It is time consuming but very rewarding. Creating content for challenges is also a lot of work. We both take our own photos, so sometimes it can take up to 10 tries to get one pose photographed.

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How has being involved in challenges informed and evolved your practice?

Joe & Vanessa: We’ve been introduced to new aspects of the practice, new variations and different approaches. Joe likes to commit to challenges that involve areas she doesn’t practice personally. Vanessa has found that her practice has really evolved with new poses and creative ideas from hosting challenges.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about doing their first challenge?

Joe & Vanessa: Look for a challenge that fits your current practice. Also, do a challenge with a friend! It’s great to have someone doing it with you. Always stay within your practice and modify poses when you need to—always be safe.

Want to participate in a challenge? Click here for everything you need to know!