Getting Your Zen On With Us In Santa Monica

Getting Your Zen On With Us In Santa Monica

Om with us at our new Mindful Masters event series

Yoga is about so much more than just nailing asanas. It's the mindfulness practiced throughout that really grounds the practice and carries over into other parts of our lives, which is why we made it the focus of our brand-new workshop series, Mindful Masters, at our Santa Monica Third Street Promenade store. Starting next Wednesday, we'll be hosting a weekly event, open to the public, centered on mindfulness and meditation right in our store—and, of course, it's free! Think reiki and crystal healings, aromatherapy workshops and restorative hypnotic meditation.

For the launch event, we're turning the dressing rooms into meditation pods, equipped with cushioned meditation pillows and iPads primed with custom meditations recorded by professional hypnomeditation therapists. So you can step in, get comfortable and take a mindful minute. Throughout the evening, there will be a guided meditation led by Harper Botorowicz, live music, amazing raw and organic vegan snacks, turmeric and lavender almond milk lattes, mushroom hot cocoa and other delicious treats. No RSVP necessary. We're so excited to share this new series with you and expand the Alo community. Hope to see you there!

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