@natalie_roser wearing a pair of 3” inseam high-waisted workout shorts with a statement sports bra while standing in front of row machines at a gym.

Keepin’ It Short: The Best Workout Shorts Of All Time

Cutting straight to the chase

If activewear was the cast of a New York-based rom-com movie, workout leggings are like the younger, more cosmopolitan character that came in to steal the show from the age-old workout short. Out with the uncomfy, built-in-panty shorts reminiscent of 6th grade soccer, hello sculpting, smoothing wear-anywhere high-waisted legging.

Just as with any fad diet or high-fashion color trends, activewear experiences its own set of iterations as people experiment with new movement practices and culture deems (by some random universal pull) which styles are acceptable for different settings.

The thing is, like any comeback kid, workout shorts are back and better than they’ve ever been before. And you know what, there is a world where leggings and workout shorts both hold stake in our regular lineup of cherished activewear essentials — the happy ending we’ve all been rooting for.

There’s no denying that activewear shorts were in a need of Princess Diaries-esque makeover. Better built-in briefs, more length options for different activities, and updated styles that go from marathon training to daily on-the-go errands seamlessly and stylishly.

With that being said, consider Alo the fairy godmother of workout shorts, saving the day with an epic collection of styles for every occasion and personal preference.

Now that’s enough of the title slides, let’s introduce the star cast.

@neyu_ma wearing a pair of high-waisted biker shorts with a matching sports bra while posing in front of a tree on the grass.


The beloved biker short — there’s not many styles that really can “do it all” but this one tops the charts. Dress it up Princess Diana style for out-and-about, top with a sports bra for workouts of any kind, or style it up with boots and a sweater vest for street appeal. You really can’t go wrong. Especially when we’ve developed a long line of biker styles that fulfill your workout short prerogative with performance fabrics and on-trend designs.

7” High-Waist Biker Short — made with our smoothing and sculpting Airbrush fabric, this is the essential biker short at peak potential (4-way stretch and moisture-wicking technology included)

7” Seamless High-Waist Ribbed Biker Short — an everyday style that feels like an upgrade thanks to our signature performance-precision Seamless fabric with on-trend ribs and lightweight feel

7” Yogi Lace Up Short — add some oomph to your biker with a football-inspired lace-up waist and leg logo graphic because #TeamAlo all-day, everyday

5” Airlift Energy Short — if you know Alo, you know our micro-performance Airlift fabric is everything to us (and to the entire Alo Fam), and this short shows it off marvelously with a sweetheart back detail and lifting fit for practice and pavement

5” Seamless Ribbed Favorite Short — just like our 7” Seamless style listed above minus a couple inches, this short is ideal for our petite girlies or those wanting to show off a bit more of their hard-earned quads

3” High-Waist Airlift Short — just like our 5” Airlift style listed above minus a couple inches, this design keeps things oh-so-short and oh-so-sweet for the studio, the street and anywhere in between

@justtnic wearing a pair of lime green workout shorts with a matching sports bra while posing in gravel walkway in a park.


Stop! Don’t scroll to the next section. We know the rep those pesty built-in underwear have earned (if they’ve somehow managed not to be cut out yet). Put the junk drawer scissors away and take a peek at thoughtfully-designed and lined workout shorts that maximize comfort and minimize liner PTSD.

Stride Short — think retro vibes with modern engineering, this short provides a high-cut design and lightweight fabrication that runners and non-runners will appreciate

Ambience Short — this statement short features two layers packed with gym-ready tech and functional design for comfort and endurance

Ivy League Dolphin Short — a fitted high-waist and a loose, high-cut overlay makes for a sweet silhouette in and out of workouts

Dolphin Short — this short reinvents the fitted under short with an ultra-light version of our signature Airbrush fabric making for new lined workout short standards

@saraorrego wear a black high-waisted activewear skort with a cropped full-zip jacket while posing with a glass water bottle against a concrete wall.


Let loose with unlined workout shorts built for lounging, getting out and about, or keeping to your regular workout programming. You’ll want these styles in your back pocket (or front, because they’re that good and that versatile) for days you crave easy breezy or moments you want to level up your classics.

Alumni Short — sporty and elevated, this sport short is made from a lightweight crinkle woven fabric that is cool and comfortable while you explore and adventure

High-Waist Headliner Short — sometimes switching up your standard workout short fabric is just what that not-so-enticing morning run called for and so we give you our ultra-soft, stretchy and movement-ready Headliner Short

Clubhouse Skort — is it a skirt, short, or does it matter when this fresh take on a workout short features an airy fabric, functional side pockets and a forward design that levels up your short repertoire

Put through the gauntlet of wear-testing, all of our workout shorts are tailored to fit and function to perfection saving you from that awkward dating period of getting to know whether or not this short is the one for you. What do you know — forever afters really do exist!

Check out our entire short collection and be sure to tag @Alo in all of your short love stories starring our styles!