A photo of two women against a black background. One wearing a red cropped cashmere long sleeve top with a floor-length cashmere skirt and the other wearing a white hooded long sleeve cashmere top with wide-leg cashmere pants.

The Aspen Collection NFT — What It Is, How To Get One & Why You Need It

An FAQ for all of your burning questions 

Between the head-to-toe cashmere ensembles and NFT announcement, Alo’s Aspen Collection has made headlines since its debut presentation at New York Fashion Week.

This three-part collection marries authentic winter performance wear and luxury prêt-à-porter but takes the world of fashion a step further with an exclusive NFT reserved for purchasers of the collection.

Alo's NFT, which comes in the form of a Certificate of Authenticity, supplements your ultra-forward ski suit with a treasure trove of additional benefits reserved solely for NFT owners. Blockchain technology is becoming an ever-present topic in the world at large, and Alo is thrilled to introduce our consumers to this powerful value with the Aspen Collection.

Whether you’re a current NFT owner, a web3 newbie, or among those who are trying to figure out what NFT stands for (you’re not alone), we’ve created an FAQ to get all of your questions answered.

What is Alo’s Digital Certificate of Authenticity?

Every item from the Aspen Collection is associated with a Digital Certificate of Authenticity in the form of an NFT. This digital certificate can be claimed after purchasing an item from The Aspen Collection and holding it through the return window of January 31st 2023. All qualifying customers will be able to claim the digital certificates of authenticity between February 1-28, 2023. Choosing to claim this added utility verifies the authenticity of Aspen Collection purchases and rewards our most loyal customers.

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token, or NFT, is a digital asset used to represent ownership of unique items or access, whether digital or physical. NFTs are recorded and secured on a blockchain, which ensures that each specific NFT only has one owner at any given time, and nobody can modify the history of the token’s ownership. NFTs typically contain references to digital files such as photos, videos and audio. In this case, the NFT will serve as a Digital Certificate of Authenticity for the Aspen Collection and a key to exclusive events and opportunities (see FAQ below).

How can I ensure I don’t miss out on this drop?

To participate, you must purchase any item from the Aspen Collection — please visit the collection page and sign up to be notified of the Aspen Collection drops in real-time. You can purchase items online at aloyoga.com via credit/debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Shop Pay, Afterpay, Amazon Pay, or Alo Gift Cards as well as within participating Alo Sanctuaries (Beverly Hills, and SoHo) via credit/debit card, Alo Gift Card, or Apple Pay. You must hold your purchase through the holiday return window of January 31 2023. If you do, you will receive an email associated with your original order to claim your NFT and must claim it between February 1st - February 28th 2023.

How can I redeem the NFT?

After you purchase from the Aspen Collection either online or within participating stores and hold the item through the holiday return window of January 31st 2023 you will receive an email with a link to claim your digital certificate. Instructions on how to do so will be contained within the email. Please note there is a finite period in which you can claim your NFT: February 1st - February 28th 2023.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that does not rely on any central authority to uphold or maintain it. Instead, transaction and ownership data are stored in a digital ledger using a blockchain.

Which blockchain will these NFTs be claimable on?

The NFTs will be claimed on the polygon blockchain.

What are the exclusive experiences offered with the NFT?

As the holder of this exclusive NFT, customers will be granted VIP experiences.  For each NFT, a customer will receive access to a personalized private client manager for all their shopping needs in 2023, an admission to one Alo House in 2023, and a personal training session at one of the Alo Wellness Clubs redeemable in 2023.  

What is the return policy?

The return policy for the Aspen Collection follows our holiday return policy which is available for review here. Please note that if you return the physical product, you will not be entitled to claim the NFT.

How many pieces can I buy?

There will not be a purchase limit for the pieces in the Aspen Collection.

Can the NFT be purchased separately from the physical product?

The Alo exclusive NFT is not available for purchase separate from the purchase of The Aspen Collection. Only after purchasing a physical piece from The Aspen Collection and holding it through the return window will you be prompted to claim your digital certificate of authenticity.

Shop the Aspen Collection now and get an inside look into this Alo’s NYFW presentation here.

Disclaimer: We will never ask you to share private keys, send any funds, or transfer NFTs. Alo NFTs associated with the Aspen Collection will only be available for customers who have purchased physical items. This claim period for The Aspen Collection will occur in early 2023 with an official claim process communicated on Alo’s official website and/or by email. Never click links sent to you via direct messages on Instagram, Twitter, or other channels. Never connect your digital wallet to websites sent in direct messages. Alo or any of the partners will never contact you directly to offer support. Only trust official information published on the official Alo website, blog or official Alo email.