A woman doing acro yoga on two elevated blocks in front of the Alo Boston storefront with a woman in the background performing a sound bath with sound bowls.

Alo Goes East: Visit Us Now In Boston Seaport

A city of vibrant history, clam chowder, and now, yoga 

While Southern California will always be Alo's home base, a few days spent in Boston has us confidently saying that the East Coast gives the West a run for its money.

Between the Freedom Trail, the Boston Tea Party Museum, and Paul Revere’s House (yes, you read that correctly, this does exist), Boston is teeming with tales of culture and history. Whichever route your Uber has in store promises to be an impromptu tour that teleports you back to 8th grade social studies.

Amidst this abundant display of historical significance, a newly redeveloped area settles in-between Boston’s iconic waterfront scene and the historic Fort Point District with a mission to contrast America’s past with the present and beyond.

Seaport has become Boston’s mecca for new technologies, aspiring artists, and up-and-coming inspired souls to express their innovative ideas without restraint. As such, Seaport has fostered a thriving scene of art & culture, food & beverage, shopping, community, and all things avant-garde — think of Seaport as the bolder, more ambitious younger sibling of the Boston neighborhoods.

Defined by style, energy, and creativity, Seaport was the perfect place for Alo’s newest Sanctuary to call home. Alo’s Sanctuaries are the pinnacle of our brand: the newest trend-setting collections alongside iconic OG essentials, our award-winning clean beauty line, expert-level gear for all levels and types of practice, and regular events to celebrate everything from International Yoga Month to Mother’s Day with mama.

Our Sanctuaries embody the heart and soul of Alo, and we're thrilled to bring our innovations in mind-body wellness to Boston Seaport.

A photo of the inside of the Alo Boston Sanctuary showcasing many shoppers looking through various colored activewear in a large, naturally lit space.

The Alo Boston Sanctuary is fresh, inspiring, and energizing in a brick-and-mortar form. Floor to ceiling windows line the store which, while maybe not intentionally designed for such, represents our come-one-come-all motto along with our enthusiastic love for community.

Space is of the utmost importance to us at our Sanctuaries — because no one enjoys shopping in a jam-packed room where the apparel is harder to see than the Mona Lisa — so we guarantee the widespread layout and acro yoga mannequins will help you achieve a lovely shopping experience.

Along with spacious fitting rooms (with the good lighting), a clean beauty bar for testing in real time, and of course, the latest collections on full display, Alo Boston brings a unique experience of mindful movement to the flourishing Seaport area.

A photo of the inside of the Alo Boston Sanctuary specifically of the men’s newest color Dusty Yellow on a display of natural wood boxes and matte black hanger racks.



70 Pier 4 Blvd. #200
Boston, MA 02210


(617) 765-0151


Monday -Saturday 11am - 7pm
Sunday 11am - 6pm

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