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Activate vacation mode with these packable products

Big summer vacation plans? Weekend getaways to the desert, Hamptons, or international travel stressing you out? We get it. For most of us, packing for a trip, no matter how long or short, near or far, can be filed somewhere between renewing your driver's license and hosting your in-laws on the scale of things we hate. But don't worry; Glow System's got you this summer, with travel-friendly, packable products that won't require a second suitcase. Or a third, if you're that girl.

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Beauty is the furthest thing from your mind when you're physically on your way somewhere. Trapped in coach, or sickened in the back of a friend's SUV, even in the first-class cabin — dehydration doesn’t discriminate. Flying makes us all bloat and dry out simultaneously (fun!) so putting moisture back into the skin is essential. Here are two things that can make it a bit more manageable. Make sure you have some Lasting Lip Balm and our Restorative Hand Cream in your carry-on. It has amla antioxidants, shea butter, and squalane to hydrate and lock in moisture. Plus, arnica to help tired, sore hands that have been carrying things all day. It also absorbs almost instantly, so you'll still be able to open doors and touch things.

Another quick refresh we love while on the go is our Magnesium Reset Spray with amla, aloe, turmeric, magnesium, arnica, and a bunch of other nourishing botanicals. When you're exhausted from a long day of traveling, step into the bathroom, lift your top and spray this stuff over your chest, stomach, back, and arms. Make sure not to use it on your face — we have a great cleanser for that. Magnesium Reset Spray gives an instant dose of tension relief and aromatherapy with its light, uplifting, citrusy scent. Keep a bottle in your gym bag too, thank us later.

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When you make it to your destination, the last thing we want to do is unpack an 8-step skincare routine. We love them, but it's not always the time to do a Kim K worthy glass skin routine. We recommend sticking to the basics. Hydrate after the shower with Head To Toe Glow Oil. It's a super moisturizing, dry-feeling oil with amla, aloe, sea buckhorn, soothing borage oil, turmeric, brightening chinaberry, jojoba, coconut, avocado, argan, and meadowfoam oils. And it really is all in the name — you can use it anywhere! So, it's perfect for taking on vacation to hydrate post-shower, post-sun, and to nourish your hair. We love doing the body first and then combing our hands through our hair with the leftover oil. It's so lightweight and great on all hair types.

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For many, a beach vacation is just a mascara-and-lip-gloss kind of moment. So, to stay in that easy breezy vibe and avoid a facial faux pas, get your hands on the new Daily SPF Face Moisturizer. With moisture-balancing, plant-sourced squalane, aloe, amla antioxidants, vitamin C, and arnica. Plus 100% invisible mineral-based zinc with 20 SPF sun protection from UVA and UVA rays. It also has a beautiful imperfection-blurring finish that's gorgeous alone or under makeup with no white cast for all skin tones. We recommend putting it over our Radiance Serum for a tightening, glowy, glass skin effect. The hyaluronic acid, radish root, and lactobacillus probiotics actively work to nourish, soothe, and hydrate all day while you play. Make sure to reapply your SPF every 40 minutes, especially if you're swimming.

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Stay fresh while you dance all night with Supernatural Deodorant. It has probiotics, amla, aloe, and hyaluronic acid to moisturize and soothe, especially when you're shaving often. It comes in unscented and a delicious citrus scent, so you can stay popular with locals. Plus, it's small and ultra-travel friendly; it even fits in a small clutch. Hot tip: use it to help prevent chafing, you're welcome.

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After a long day and night of new people, fun, sun, and food, make sure to reapply your Radiance Serum and Luminizing Face Moisturizer to hydrate and repair your skin for another day of vacation mode. If you were good about reapplying our Daily SPF Face Moisturizer, your skin will be ready to go!

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