@ariviere wearing black biker shorts with an asymmetrical sports bra, an oversized grey blazer, a designer handbag, scrunched crew socks, and white sneakers for an elevated daytime look.

5 Ways To Style Biker Shorts

Your new wardrobe ride-or-die

It’s time for the LBDs, the power suits, and the wedgie-cut jeans to step aside because there’s a new closet staple in town that’s becoming the go-to base layer for just about any occasion—the biker short.

It’s fashion-statement-enhancing, all-day-comfort-approved, and sweat-worthy, making it the Swiss army knife of your wardrobe that our busy schedules and personal styles love.

Although the biker trend is suddenly putting the Tour de France on our bucket list — or maybe we’re just envisioning the blazer-biker outfits that’d dazzle the streets of France — we’re looking for some inspo on biker stylings so we can really make the most of our new wardrobe essential both on and off the bike.

Here’s 6 biker short looks that’re inspiring us to slip on a pair and get to riding (whether that’s to the farmer’s market, a coffee date, or the oh-so-on-brand spin class)...

@cindybruna wearing an oversized neon green t-shirt with black biker shorts and a fanny pack while walking around the streets of New York.


Pair your ultra-comfy high-waist biker short with an oversized graphic tee, crew socks, sneaks, and a fanny pack (to really nail that 90s vibe we’re loving). Viola, a perfect on-the-go look that feels good and looks better. For the days you want to ditch the fanny, grab some cargo bikers with sleek key- and card-holding pockets for a forward yet functional ensemble.

@debiflue wearing white biker shorts with chunky boots, a long-sleeve dress shirt, and an oversized sweater vest for a chic biker short outfit.


Make bikers the new base layer for your statement looks. Start with a classic biker, grab your favorite boots, then top off with a blazer, a sweater vest, or an oversized dress shirt for a little finesse. The beauty of bikers is their versatility, so get creative and let your personality ride.

@justtnic wearing bright blue lace up biker shorts with a white sports bra and black bomber jacket.


For the days when you want the hug of your fave leggings but the HIIT insists on something a bit cooler, pair a fun, laced-up pair of bikers with a ribbed sports bra and a hoodie for a gym-inspired look the ring, the bike, and the weight room will all love.

@drayamichele wearing black mesh biker shorts with an oversized half-zip pullover and alo ballcap for a fashion-forward biker outfit.


When you wake up needing to tackle your brisk morning walk but know that the cute neighbor down the street mows his lawn at this time every week, grab an eye-catching pair of mesh bikers, a reflective half-zip pullover, and a classic ball cap for an effortlessly energized look that’ll dazzle.

@daniellagrace wearing a matching snakeskin sports bra and biker shorts for a summertime biker short outfit.


Whether you’re lounging around, hitting up the newest barre class on the block, or knocking out those hump-day errands, add some zest into your routine with a matching patterned biker set. Grab some snakeskin, camo, or whatever eclectic print suits your fancy for an everywhere biker look with a bit of spunk.

@phyllicia.bonanno wearing bright orange biker shorts biker shorts with a matching bright orange sports bra tank top.


If you’re working on balances (or you’re living in Child’s Pose), having the perfect amount of material to work with can be the difference between throwing in the towel and pushing through 5 more breaths. Grab some 4-way stretch bikers for a move-with-you feel and a sports bra tank for a comfortable, high-performance fit meant for flowing, falling (it’s part of the process!), and feeling the magic found on your mat.

As you can see, a good pair of biker shorts can be the multi-faceted gem of your wardrobe. It doesn’t take much to dress them up (slip under a blazer and finish with heels) or down (throw on a sports bra and sneaks), so life is easy, stylish, and comfortable.
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