Meet our Softest Performance Fabric

Meet our Softest Performance Fabric

Alosoft sets a new standard for total comfort, on & off the mat

Looking for leggings that hold up in yoga and feel like you're wrapped in a cloud? We've got you covered. Our velvety Alosoft fabric is an Alo team favorite for its ridiculously comfy, super-soft feel (it's total live-in material!), coupled with its practice-perfecting details, like 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties. So you can yoga now and lounge later. The Lounge Bra and Legging, our Alosoft all-stars, take comfort to a new level, with a ribbed waistband and cuffs and chafe-proof flatlock stitching. You might just want a set in every color...

"My Lounge Bra is easily my most-used bra, and the Lounge Legging is my favorite. It feels like a second skin and it's baby soft. (Dear Alo, make more Alosoft! For real.)"

- Kenzie Morley, Yogi

In case you didn't know, we take comfort pretty seriously here at Alo. If you do too, you know what to do...

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