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The Post-Sweat Products Your Skin Deserves

Your post workout essentials

We've all been there, lying in bed, willing ourselves to get up and start our daily yoga practice, or sitting in the car struggling to find that motivation to just walk into the gym. Sometimes, showing up for yourself can be challenging, but you never regret it once you do. In times like these, it is necessary to reward yourself. With ingredients like magnesium, arnica, amla, turmeric, valerian, natural fragrances, and essential oils, these products are designed to nurture the body and mind, aiding your skin’s post-workout reset and offering a spa-like experience.

@bluemercury Magnesium Reset Spray


Once you finish your practice or workout, take a breather with our Magnesium Reset Spray. We love keeping this body spray handy in our gym bag to use immediately after workouts. With 45 mg of magnesium, plus arnica, amla antioxidants, valerian, and soothing aromatherapy oils it helps to relax and reset muscles. Spraying it over your chest and back is just the thing to bring you back to balance. We honestly keep one in every purse and gym bag these days, it’s our essential, go-to post gym ritual.

@bloggerwhosbrunch alo essential oil diffuser


Another essential part of our ritual is taking some time to set your intentions whether for the day, week, or just your workout. Alo Essential Oils help deepen this experience and really enhance meditation. Add a few drops to a diffuser or a right into a hot shower or tub (don’t slip!) and expect to be uplifted, grounded, calmed, or whatever you're going for. If you’ve just finished part 3 of Alo In The Wild: Hawaii, you’re probably already feeling energized. But if you’re fitting in a workout before bed, we’ve got just the thing to get you grounded. Sleep & Downshift Oil Blend before bedtime will have you drifting off into a peaceful slumber.

@Josephineskriver Mega C Body Wash


Over-cleansing is bound to happen when you're an active person, and some of us live in climates with two-shower-a-day seasons, so products we use daily need to be gentle and non-stripping. These clean beauties pass the safety test for nourishing cleansers that won’t strip hair or skin of their natural moisture.

@hypebaebeauty Alo Shine Shampoo & Conditioner


Shine Shampoo & Shine Conditioner does the same for hair. Both are non-drying, sulfate-free, and non-stripping, with a super juicy, naturally derived grapefruit scent. There’s no hair type that doesn’t love this alma-antioxidant super berry-infused formula. Hair is smooth, shiny, frizz-free, and dare we say, bouncy? We love to see it.

@andthenwestretch Alo Superfruit Body Lotion


If you know, you know — after cleansing, it's always good to add a little moisture back in. For a more intensive hydration treatment, apply Superfruit Moisturizing Body Lotion with calming arnica, and — you guessed it — amla antioxidants to wet skin, let absorb and then follow with Head-To-Toe Glow Oil. It only takes a few extra minutes, but it's totally worth it. Packed with nourishing botanicals turmeric, aloe, marula & avocado oils, our allover glow oil is pure gold! It's so good for locking in moisture all over the body, cuticles, and post-shave; even a couple of drops on damp hair promotes shine and kills frizz.

See, GOLD.

@revolvebeauty Alo Head-To-Toe-Glow Oil


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