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New Ways To Use Glow System

From restoring shine to soothing the body, you need Alo Glow System multi-use beauty products. 

The Alo Glow System, equipped with an amla-packed lineup of skin and hair products, continues to amaze us the longer we use it. Our hair is impossibly soft and shiny. Face is clear and glowing with health and radiance. Body is moisturized and supple. This nourishing botanical-and-antioxidant-packed collection proves to be everything we wanted and more.

And just when we thought it couldn't get any better, we go on to discover a few new ways these now familiar favorites can elevate other portions of our self-care routine. Trust us: once you learn these unexpected practices for the Glow System, you’ll never look back.


Forgot your wide-brimmed hat for a long day at the beach? Tell your red-as-a-tomato scalp and face to have no fear. Soothe your scorched scalp by pumping some oil onto your roots and massaging through with your fingertips. The turmeric supports a healthy inflammatory response along with a blend of 15 luxe oils and botanicals including aloe, marula, moringa, coconut, borage, and sesame oils to moisturize, nourish, and soothe both scalp and hair. This oil is so good, that when use your Shine Shampoo and Conditioner the day following, your scalp will say, “Sunburn? We don’t know her.”

Close side profile, beauty shot of dark-haired model with freckles and wet hair.

Noticing a more-than-usual amount of oil buildup between washes? Add a couple drops of our Cleanse + Detox Essential Oil (Tea Tree) to your Head-To-Toe-Glow Oil before massaging into your scalp.

Hair looking a little lackluster? Whether the summer sun took the shine out of your luscious locks or you’re simply looking to prepare for the cold, dry months ahead, apply a generous amount of Head-To-Toe-Glow to the ends of your hair for some added moisture and sleekness. If your scalp joined the dry-train along with your hair, apply the oil from scalp all the way to the ends and wrap a warm towel around your head and leave overnight. Wash thoroughly with Shine Shampoo and Conditioner and watch glossy bounce return.

Downward shot of blonde woman’s part showing shiny, healthy hair and scalp.


You can also use this natural elixir mentioned above for scalp, on the body, where you’re dealing with skin clarity. Just make sure to dilute the oil properly (1 drop essential oil to 3 pumps of Head-To-Toe-Glow ) and keep away from your eyes and sensitive areas.

Bottle shot of Cleanse + Detox Essential (Tea Tree) Oil on a marble end table

Should a bout of stress hit hard (such as when the era of WFH comes to an end) and you’ve resumed the usual programming of holding tension in your head and neck, add a few drops of the Energize + Refresh Essential Oil (Peppermint) to a palmful of glow oil and rub into the areas of discomfort. Using light circular motions focusing on the base of the neck and temples, this combo takes the edge off when you need it most.


Are your hands sore from typing or training? Adding a drop of Energize + Refresh Essential Oil (Peppermint) to Restorative Hand Cream and giving yourself a little massage while you wait in traffic or in line for your coffee is a terrific way to help rehab sore muscles. While you’re at it, share some nourishing love with rough elbows and feet —Restorative Hand Cream loves them too. Need a little more relief? Spritz Magnesium Reset Spray over your hands or feet (or both!) first to soothe with arnica and magnesium.

Hands and arms of different colors and genders holding Restorative Hand Cream

The Magnesium Reset Spray's natural aromatherapy is a power player in your self-care ritual whether it’s aiding your meditation practice or soothing the body post-dry brushing. If you’re not familiar with the latter, take a soft bristled brush and sweep it across your skin in circles from scalp to feet. If you’re intrigued, you can read more about dry brushing here.Speaking of unwinding rituals, keep an eye out for a new magnesium launch coming fall 2022, that will be an absolute game-changer for mind-body relaxation.

If you want to turn hand and feet softness up to a 10, add a pump of Head-To-Toe-Glow to your mix of Restorative Hand Cream and essential oil and massage into each hand (making sure to focus on the nails and cuticles), put on some rubber gloves (yes, we’re being serious in the name of nourished hands), and leave on overnight. While you might want to remove them before scaring your roommate during breakfast, trust us, this method will make your hands look and feel fabulous.

Woman doing a foot and leg stretch from the perspective of the bottom of her feet with hands clasped around them.


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