@itsmetinx wearing the Match Point Tennis Skirt in white with the Alosoft Crop Finesse Short Sleeve Shirt in Black while playing tennis.

A Weekday Wellness Hustle With TINX

The relatable soul with a tiny, black lapel microphone that graced us with 100% realness when we needed it most (*cough cough, 2020)? Christina Najjar, or better known as TINX.

Throughout the past year, this social media icon served up endless fashion inspo, heart-on-sleeve dating advice, and 24/7 authenticity making her feel like a shoulder we could cry on — as well as the friend we wanted to take a tequila shot with. She consistently pulls back the curtains on her life and leaves them there, inviting us to learn, grow, and laugh right alongside her.

We love her for calling a spade a spade, for always responding to us in the DMs, and for her pop-culture commentary we were all thinking, but debatably what we love her for most is her commitment to wellness. Amongst all of the videos that perfectly describe our life (emotional support water bottle anybody?), she’s always filling us in on new, attainable ways to bring mindfulness, movement, and wellness into our day-to-day routine.

While her TikToks make us feel like we're casually hanging on a couch with her chatting through the latest red carpet looks, today, she's inviting the Alo Fam to walk through an entire day with herand believe us, you're going to love every second.

6:00 am

I wake up at 6 am!! I know. Is there anything more annoying than a morning person! I leap out of bed (my Amazon Alexa wakes me up with a Drake song usually) and brush my teeth and I try to chug a liter of water (which I read somewhere that Cameron Diaz does). Then I dry brush for around 1 Drake song (yes, that is a measure of time) and write in my five-minute journal.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t check my socials, I do!! Right away. I feel like I’m in a giant club with my followers and I like to check in on them and see what’s up today. I check to see how my views are… is this healthy? I’m not sure! But I’m at a point in my life where work is most important to me and when you need to grind, you need to grind!

I change into my outfit for the day. In LA I wear workout clothes every day, usually Alo!! Just soft and easy and flattering. It’s part of the reason I love LA - you can go anywhere in workout clothes!

6:30 am

No matter where I am in the world, I go on a quick Rich Mom walk to get a coffee. Even if it’s 15 minutes around the block, I like to get outside, get some fresh air and listen to some music.

I have music on 24/7, it helps me feel comfortable. I love to power walk to set my intentions for the day, practice gratitude, and get the blood pumping!! This is my form of meditation! I always get a cinnamon americano.

7:00 am

I check my email and check in with my manager, Sethy. Thank God he’s a morning person too otherwise we would never work. We speak about 30 times a day. We make a plan for the day. He is extremely optimistic - my whole team is. I think you’re the sum of the people you hang around with most - your vibe attracts your tribe.

8:00 am

At this point I either go hike or go workout. My mornings are my alone time and when I work out. I think having boundaries is so important. The rest of my day I am with people or in meetings or at events so my morning time is sacred.

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Work time! Calls! Meetings! Writing! It’s always something…

@Itsmetinx wearing the Highlight Legging and Alosoft Ribbed Chic Bra Tank while posing near a blooming treet of bright magenta flowers outside of a royal blue house.

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12:00 pm

I am obsessed with wraps. I have a wrap almost every day. I either make them or get them custom at Erewhon. It’s nice to go to Erewhon and say hello to everyone - it really is like a little community, I love it so much. My wrap recipe is as follows: collard green wrap, dijon, mayo, vegan pesto, sundried tomatoes, turkey, sprouts, avocado, illegal amounts of pepperoncini. SO good. Often washed down with diet coke or an iced coffee.

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

More work! Usually my team and I meet and take calls, film for the vlog or various other adventures. I’m working on some huge projects right now (such an annoying sentence I know but I really am) so everyone is hard at work. Most times Saba, who works on my team, and I will need a boost and go get froyo at some point. My favorite is Bigg Chill, peanut butter and rainbow sprinkles.

5:00 pm

I get home and try to answer as many DMs as I can from people. I’m doing this throughout the day too of course, but I try to set aside a few good hours to connect with my followers and make sure I’m listening to them. There is nothing more important to me. This is also the time I go live, either on TikTok or Instagram, which is an amazing way to speak to everyone directly.

7:30 pm

Most nights these days I have a dinner or an event. If it’s a business dinner I always try to make it at Craig’s, where I have my Tinx’s Hot Girl Sundae. I love Craig’s because it’s great for every occasion - celebrating, catching up, business etc. And of course the food is fabulous. I always get shrimp or crab cocktail, a green goddess salad and chicken paillard. I try to not drink on weeknights but often end up having a Tinky tequila.

@itsmetinx wearing the Match Point Tennis Skirt in white with the Alosoft Crop Finesse Short Sleeve Shirt in black with a leopard print bag and neon yellow and white sneakers posing at an event.

SHOP TINX’S LOOK: Match Point Tennis Skirt + Alosoft Crop Finesse Short Sleeve Shirt

9:30 pm

Night is when I’m at my most creative. I come home from dinner, shower, get into really cozy clothes and write or make content. I journal about what I am grateful for that happened that day. This is my quiet time to create, and it’s when I’m most happy.

1:00 am

When I finally feel tired, I do my extensive skincare routine, put on my Calm app sleep meditation and crawl into bed. I have a lot of trouble sleeping, I don’t always get enough sleep. I try to read for 20 minutes before bed too. It helps me unwind.

Thanks for spending the day with me!