A photo of 4 young women wearing pink matching workout sets with high waisted leggings and sports bras standing in front of their sorority house holding block letters that spell out Alo.

Join Us On Campus For National Yoga Month!

Celebrating NYM by flowing & sculpting with Britt Turpack at USC, Pepperdine & more to come

Happy National Yoga Month, Alo Fam!

If you’ve been a part of our celebrations in the past, welcome back and get ready for a lineup of all-new mindful movement! If this is your first time joining the festivities with us, we’re thrilled to have you flow, learn, and get mindful with us all month long.

National Yoga Month is near and dear to our hearts for a number of reasons. The first, is that we get to deep dive, head-first into yoga — education sessions about yoga’s founding principles and origin, live yoga flows that bring together yogis from around the world, and mindfulness classes that rejuvenate the mind-body connection in new forms.

P.S. We’re offering 30 days free of unlimited access to new members that sign-up on our immersive online fitness platform, Alo Moves, through September so whether it’s the free perks or the exclusive classes that get you to sign up, meet us over there before the month is through! P.S.S. There’s a $1k giveaway happening should you choose to complete all 8 classes of the newest “Complete Body Yoga” series so flow, learn, win with Alo.

A photo of a group of young women from USC practicing yoga on a rooftop with Britt Turpack and Alo Yoga in celebration of National Yoga Month.

The second reason National Yoga Month builds yearly excitement brand-wide is that this it offers the ultimate excuse to get plugged into the community in meaningful ways all 30 days of the month. While we’re always looking for new ways to practice and get inspired with people around the globe through our Club Alo initiative, we thought this month would be the perfect time to get back to school.

National Yoga Month coincides perfectly with the back-to-school season, and when we think about it, this feels like divine timing — amidst scheduling classes, establishing a routine, and trying to decipher who could be your new best friend turned maid of honor later down the road, yoga provides an outlet for slowing down and absorbing every ounce of this new life chapter.

This year, we partnered with Britt Turpack, a mental health advocate and keynote speaker for NAMI, along with local universities in the Southern California region all in the name of yoga. Since September 1st, we’ve hosted yoga sculpt classes in partnership with the Alpha Phi chapters of USC and Pepperdine — and based on the feedback, our instinct to bring mindful movement to campus was definitely the move.

A photo of Britt Turpack and young women from Pepperdine posing for a group photo on a grassy hill overlooking the ocean after practicing yoga with Alo for National Yoga Month.

Over the past year, we’ve been working with college students across the nation to build our College Ambassador Program. This initiative was founded on the mission of infusing more opportunities for mindful movement on college campuses, and National Yoga Month provided us with the perfect opportunity to make a splash.

With everyone decked out head-to-toe in Alo of course, we gathered to flow, build community, and take a pause on the demands of life — and in our opinion, there’s no better way to celebrate National Yoga Month.

These events mark the first of many journeys back to campus for Alo. The practice of yoga introduces healing and spurs empowerment in life — bringing that to students has inspired the college yogis that step on their mats as well as our brand to continue building these opportunities for wellness on campus.

A photo of a group of young women from Pepperdine posing in front of a blue doorway with Britt Turpack after practicing yoga with Alo Yoga in celebration of National Yoga Month.

Later this month we will be headed back to Pepperdine as well as stopping at UCLA on the way, so keep your eyes peeled and join the National Yoga Month celebrations with us!

If you’re a college student with a penchant for wellness and mindful movement, reach out at community@aloyoga.com to find out how to apply to be one of our college ambassadors!

Be sure to tag @Alo as you celebrate with us this month and let us know where you’d like us to pop up next!