Koko Hayashi posing for her newest series on Alo Moves called

3 Alo Moves Classes You Should Be Taking Right Now

Face yoga, glute-boosting Pilates & more

Whether you’re starting your mindful movement journey from scratch or looking to give your usual (albeit a bit stale) wellness routine a new boost, there’s something for everyone in our roundup of Alo Moves classes you should be taking right now.

Unfamiliar with Alo Moves? Well, we’d be glad to show you the ropes. Alo Moves is our online fitness platform that makes mindful movement and holistic wellness accessible and enjoyable (think 5-minute classes for squeezing into busy days and dry brushing 101).

With over 75 instructors and thousands of classes added regularly, our goal is to infuse your day-to-day with fresh forms of movement and inspire new ways to tap into mind-body wellness. And if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed from the mountainous supply of enticing classes, we’ve selected three can’t-miss courses to press play on today.

Koko Hayashi stretching her neck while posing for her newest series on Alo Moves called Face Yoga.


Even a yogi who took their inaugural step on the mat yesterday (hooray if this is you!) is aware of the abundant types of yoga practices and flows out there. But as experienced as you are, face yoga is probably not something you’ve heard of. not in your purview. Allow us to put face yoga expert Koko Hayashi on your radar.

The Face Yoga Method was originally created by Fumiko Takatsu, with Hayashi adopting and teaching the practice in 2018 after practicing for more than a decade — A.K.A. your face is in great, experienced hands. Koko believes in the power of natural methods and uses her knowledge of facial muscles to activate and lift them with non-invasive tools. For clean beauty enthusiasts like us, we’re already intrigued. What else does it do and where do we sign up?

Well, Koko's 28-day program invites you to put your best face forward with 10 unique classes that naturally boost your skin’s radiance, ease facial tension, and elevate your daily self-care routine. Let’s face it: we put so much effort into caring for our bodies and it’s time to give our faces the equal attention they deserve.

These daily exercises are specially designed to awaken sleeping muscles that lift your skin and simultaneously relax overworked muscles, thereby restoring balance to your face. This process increases circulation, which in turn nourishes your skin for a healthy glow from within.

Koko's series includes four, distinct weekly face yoga routines, plus five specialized posture tutorials that you can incorporate into daily life. Our personal favorite? The “How To Eat” class. You’ll be surprised to know that your parents telling you to sit up straight and chew your food properly actually had some merit (and hidden beauty benefits).

As with any part of your fitness journey, consistency is key — commit to face yoga every day and the long-term benefits will follow.

Bianca Melas in a side plank on a white mat next to a pool surrounded by jungle-like foliage wearing an all white workout set filming for her newest series on Alo Moves.


If you haven’t already jumped on the Pilates bandwagon (seriously, everyone is doing it these days), consider this your official sign to try it out with Alo Moves instructor Bianca Melas.

Bianca is an accredited Pilates instructor and certified clinical naturopath with an impressive and ever-growing amount of mindful movement and healthy lifestyle courses (over 3,000 and counting!) featured on Alo Moves — needless to say, she’s a user-favorite OG through and through.

Bianca’s 7-day virtual Pilates retreat is set in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia, which is the perfect calming backdrop for this transformative practice (and it doubles as a mini, virtual summer getaway making for a win-win situation).

Over the course of one week, this series aims to strengthen your body and improve your physical balance with daily Pilates workouts, holistic practices to tap into your inner glow, nutrition advice to support your gut and skin health, and self-care rituals like meditation, journaling, and dry brushing. By the end of the retreat, you'll feel refreshed, inspired, and empowered in mind and body.

Our favorite of the series? Day 2: Pilates Abs & Glutes Flow.

It’s glutes, core, and so much more. This Pilates class will strengthen your abs and seat as well as make that mind-body connection through sweat. Grab an optional set of ankle weights for an extra-credit burn.

Louis Chandler in a pushup position while wearing a pair of men's teal activewear shorts within Alo's Wellness Club filming for his newest classes on Alo Moves.


Our final class spotlight belongs to one of the newest instructors to hit Alo MovesLouis Chandler.

The London-born, former professional athlete has created high-energy strength training, HIIT and cardio workouts that are a must for those looking to inject fresh energy into their weekly go-to fitness routines. Trust us, have a towel and water bottle nearby because you’re going to need them.

With four, 15-minute-long classes that target specific areas of the body, Louis ensures every minute counts with new moves that sculpt, tone and push your limits to the end. Our personal favorite for a straight-to-the-point, full body burn? Chandler’s Full Body HIIT.

This course is broken into 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest, which you’ll repeat for three rounds to build up strength. This method focuses on maintaining a steady pace as you progress improving overall endurance with high-intensity movements. This series only requires a mat or a workout-ready surface, which makes it ideal for practicing anywhere and anytime — no excuses.

Fun fact: Chandler trains a slew of professional athletes and fitness influencers daily at the Alo Wellness Club, so rest assured, you’re getting the same top-notch, high-performance workouts the pros do — all from the comfort of your home.

Ready to get your next sweat sesh going? Start your free 14-day trial with Alo Moves today. Try out these classes and show us your hard work by tagging us @Alo on Instagram!